Automotive Service Manager Job Description for Resume

Updated on: September 19, 2022
Automotive Service Manager General Job Description

An automotive service manager works for an automotive service facility or shop where his or her work is usually an amalgamation of technical and managerial tasks.

They need to know everything there is to know about automobile repair and maintenance requirements and are mostly people who have worked in diagnosis and repair in the past.

Automotive service managers do not have it easy. Since it is up to them to coordinate the technical and managerial ends of a service facility, they are always on their toes, running here and there and making things happen.

In escalated cases, it is these individuals who are at the brunt, often handling irate clients and difficult troubleshooting activities.

Nonetheless, this work is highly engaging for an individual who likes to work with automobiles.

Automotive Service Manager Job Requirements

To be considered eligible to work as an automotive service manager, you do not need to possess formal education – a high school diploma or a GED is usually sufficient. However, you will be required to possess a mechanical/technical aptitude so that you can effectively work in this capacity.

If you have already worked as an automotive technician, you will be privy to at least some part of this work – and if you have administrative skills along with a technical aptitude, you have bagged this job!

A list of duties particular to someone working as an automotive service manager is given below:

Job Duties for Automotive Service Manager Resume

• Greet clients and inquire into their automobile service requirements

• Gauge which service technician will be suitable for each situation and assign him or her accordingly

• Oversee the work of automotive service technicians to ensure that they are working in sync with company protocols and guidelines

• Gauge technician training requirements and ensure that appropriate training plans are created and implemented accordingly

• Create and maintain effective liaison with equipment and supplies vendors and suppliers, to ensure timely and accurate delivery of both

• Check received supplies and equipment to ensure that they conform with standards, and ensure that they are properly stored

• Oversee inventory of supplies and ensure that any low stock situation is handled immediately

• Create and implement marketing plans to increase the service facility’s clientele and market share in the industry

• Maximize facility revenue by attracting clients and increasing the value of each service job

• Develop and implement promotional campaigns to encourage vehicle owners to choose their service facility

• Assist technicians in handling difficult or challenging service jobs by providing insight and support