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Pizza makers work in a variety of culinary settings and mostly in places where pizza is a speciality  Their job is simple enough – to make pizza. People working at this position usually get on-the-job training.

If you want to apply for Pizza Maker position, you may use the following cover letter sample to make a perfect job application package.

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Pizza Maker Cover Letter Sample


3661 Adon Road
Rozet, WY 77777

February 8, 2015

Mr. Donald Parker
Manager HR
Domino’s Pizza
3301 Ontario Avenue
Rozet, WY 55553


Dear Mr. Parker:

I found your advertisement for a Pizza Maker at Domino’s Pizza in The Classads and would like to offer my services for the same. I have been working for Pizza Time for seven years in a similar capacity and convinced that I possess the expertise and the training required to be successful at this job.

Throughout my work experiences, I have had the opportunity to not only make conventional pizzas but also to bake garlic bread, calzones and other pasta dishes. I am proficient in stretching the dough just as much as is required by international standards and possess an excellent knowledge of managing pizza toppings. I also possess extensive knowledge of different types of ovens used in pizza baking and the time that is needed for different types of pizzas to bake.

I am enclosing my resume here for your consideration and will call you after the weekend in order to set a meeting time with you. Should you need to contact me before that, I’ll be available at (020) 111-1111.

Thank you for considering this application.



Laurel Beckham

Enc. Resume