Maid Resume Sample [+Job Description]

Updated on: January 14, 2023

Maids perform light cleaning and maintenance duties in private households and commercial establishments. They are responsible for maintaining the assigned premise in a clean and orderly manner. Their typical duties include:

  • Making beds
  • Replenishing linens
  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning rooms and halls
How to Write a Perfect Resume for Maid Position?

Many traditional resume rules and templates are not useful for maid or house cleaning positions. That is because employers are often working parents, so they perceive a resume and cover letter in a much different way as compared to corporate employers.

The following maid resume example will assist you with your job application process. Learn how to customize your resume for a potential client to get the best results.

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Sample Resume for Maid Position

Elizabeth Tooter
22 Brampton Ave
Houston, TX 65221
[Contact #]
[Email Address]

“I am a hardworking and reliable maid who is poised to outperform at the workplace.”

Top-performing Maid with 8-plus years of extensive cleaning and housekeeping experience. Highly skilled in performing the day to day household and commercial maintenance tasks. Ability to safely operate machinery, including washers/dryers, and dishwashers. Respect the privacy of people and clients. Known to create an orderly and friendly environment. Able to buy groceries and maintain kitchen hygiene and cleanliness.

✓ Windows Washing ✓ Vacuuming carpets
✓ Linen closet stocking ✓ Debris pick up
✓ Emptying trash bins ✓ Furniture dusting
✓ Making beds and changing sheets
✓ Cleaning and disinfecting items
✓ Floors sweeping, mopping, washing, and polishing
✓ Safe use of cleaning chemicals

• Calculated the exact amount of required cleaning chemicals, which reduced costs by $4500 per month.
• Took up specialized training in cleaning from XYZ Training Centre.


Private Capacity, Houston, TX
• Sanitize rooms, hallways, and other living or work areas
• Change sheets and towels; make beds; clean, fold, and iron clothes
• Empty trash bins and take garbage to disposal areas
• Vacuum carpets, and upholstered furniture
• Brush and polish floors using brooms, mops, and other tools
• Clean and polish windows, walls, and furnishings
• Replenish bathroom supplies such as soap and toilet paper
• Dust and buff furniture and utensils

House Cleaner
Merry Maids, Santa Rosa, CA
• Prepared cleaning products and loaded the same onto the vehicle
• Performed routine maintenance tasks within the house
• Used different kinds of cleaning chemicals to clean residential homes
• Swept and vacuumed floors
• Resolved client’s issues tactfully
• Facilitated the collection of payments from customers
• Reported lost and found items

High School Diploma
St. Louis Community School, Houston, TX

Current Texas driver’s license, transportation, and insurance

• Good communication and interpersonal skills
• Ability to read and interpret manuals
• Great attention to detail
• Teamwork
• Positive can-do attitude

[List 2 references here]

Maid Job Description for Resume

  • Clean and sanitize rooms, kitchens, lobbies, and other work areas
  • Empty wastebaskets and empty ashtrays
  • Carry linen and towels to the laundry area
  • Wash linen and towels and hang them up to dry
  • Run errands and purchase groceries
  • Wash bathrooms
  • Dust all assigned areas
  • Replace light bulbs as and when required
  • Wash dishes as and when asked to
  • Clean and wash rugs and upholsteries
  • Perform vacuuming services
  • Organize cupboards
Maid Job Benefits

Maids work at residential, healthcare, and hospitality facilities. Mostly they work from home to home, traveling in small teams, and are required to manage the cleaning of an entire house from living rooms to bathrooms to kitchens.

The following are some of the many benefits that may be provided to maids by employers.

✓ Flexible hours
✓ Competitive wages
✓ Travel time
✓ On-the-job paid training
✓ Company vehicle for licensed maids

Maid Qualifications

✓ High school, GED, or equivalent
✓ Current driver’s license, reliable transportation, and insurance
✓ Detail-orientated
✓ Energetic
✓ Dependable
✓ Police clearance
✓ Good attention to detail

Since this is a job of great responsibility and accountability, maids are hired after a lot of scrutinies as most household owners may not be present when a maid comes in to clean. Background and criminal records are therefore checked meticulously before hiring a maid.

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