Orthopedic LPN Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 11, 2019

Cover letters written in order to acquire an orthopedic LPN position must be able to convince a hiring manager that the applicants are worth their time and money.

However, writing a cover letter that does the trick is not the easiest thing to do.


As an orthopedic LPN, your concentration must be on how well you know about the work, and how much you can contribute.

In the orthopedic LPN cover letter, make sure that you highlight your ability to care for patients suffering from musculoskeletal diseases and malfunctions.

Knowledge of providing care to patients with fractured bones and ripped muscles must be highlighted in the cover letter.

Also, you must focus on your knowledge of performing external fixation care, casting, and monitoring the neurovascular status of patients.


It is important to realize that working as an orthopedic LPN is no walk in the park.

Since it is not an easy job to hold, it is difficult to convince the hiring manager to hire you as an orthopedic LPN.

But if you emulate the following Orthopedic LPN Cover Letter sample, there is a great chance that you will be considered for the position:


Orthopedic LPN Cover Letter Sample


Destiny Patrick
(000) 284-0494

August 11, 2019

Mr. David James
Human Resources Manager
ABC Healthcare
73 Cotton Avenue
Oregon City, OR 84723


Dear Mr. James:

I recently discovered that there was an open position for a licensed practical nurse at Tate Orthopedic Care. I am presently working in a similar capacity at Aetna Care Hospital, and would now like to offer my services to you. Please take a look at the enclosed resume for details on my experience and nursing background.

As an orthopedic nurse, I can contribute significantly in terms of providing one on one care to patients suffering from musculoskeletal diseases and conditions. Particularly, I have had great experience working with patients suffering from arthritis and rheumatism.

In addition, I am qualified to assist patients post surgeries and handle the basic and advanced needs of patients suffering from degenerative diseases. Also, I am competent in performing external fixation care, casting, monitoring neurovascular statuses, and continuous motion therapy.

Since I am a seasoned LPN, I will not need to be trained, which will save a lot in terms of time and effort at your end. I am positive that a face to face meeting between us will be greatly fruitful. I will contact your office after a few days in order to set up an interview. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me at (000) 284-0494.

Thank you for considering my portfolio for the Orthopedic LPN job. I look forward to hearing more about the position and the ABC Healthcare.




Destiny Patrick

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