Podiatrist Cover Letter Sample

Updated May 13, 2017


Targeting an employer’s needs is the main purpose of a Podiatrist cover letter. Cover letters that show hiring managers that an applicant is a go-getter and has great mettle in him or her, reach their desks faster. There is a great chance that the person who is responsible for deciding if you will make the interview list is not the person who will see your cover letter first. To make sure that your cover letter reaches the employer’s desk promptly, you have to make sure that it has a lot of solid things to say.

Showcasing your attractive personality in a cover letter for podiatrist resume is a great way for you to reach out to an enthusiastic hiring manager, who wants nothing more than to hire an individual who fits the bill as perfectly as possible. What you write in a cover letter can suggest that you are open to new ideas, and will thus be results-driven.

Take a look at the following cover letter sample:


Podiatrist Cover Letter Sample


524 West Dr
Kaysville, UT 52144

May 13, 2017

Mr. Jaden Smith
Human Resource Manager
Essentia Health
966 Cottonwood Road
Kaysville, UT 66654


Dear Mr. Smith:

My previous employer 360 Care has seen and appreciated the type and intensity of services that I have provided in the role of a podiatrist, over the last 8 years. Placing on the table my experience in diagnosing foot, ankle and lower limb diseases and problems, and creating and implementing suitable care plans, I offer my services as a podiatrist at Essentia Health.

Six months ago, I managed to save a diabetic patient from amputation of the leg by providing her with intense podiatric care, which led to instant healing of her limb. But this is not the only accomplishment that I have to my name. Over the last 6 years, I have been actively involved in providing my patients with education on foot care techniques, my most popular suggestion being following pressure alleviation methods. These endeavors have earned me the title of Mr. Foot Doctor, lovingly coined by my colleagues, who swear by my foot care and podiatric disease management methods.

With extensive exposure to assisting orthopedic surgeons with surgical procedures, handling cast processes and fitting orthotics and related appliances, I am positive that you will find my professional profile suitable for a podiatrist position at your facility. To elaborate more on this, I will contact you for a meeting time soon. Until then, you may call me at (000) 145-8545 if you need additional information.




Gary Cooper

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