LPNs or licensed practical nurses work in hospitals and clinics where they are expected to provide direct patient care under the supervision of physician, RN or a nurse supervisor. They are expected to administer medication and take vitals and report all findings to the nurse manager or supervisor.

An LPN is responsible for the wellbeing of a patient as she is the first contact for a patient and their family after a doctor and has a huge responsibility on her shoulders. They measure patients’ height and weight, their blood pressure and even collect laboratory specimens to take to the laboratory for tests.

A newly graduated LPN needs to show exemplary skills and knowledge in her cover letter in order reach at the top of the pile. The following cover letter will ease your job hunting process by helping you making a winning application.


New Grad LPN Cover Letter No Experience


3109 E Division Street
Dover, DE 77007
Cellular: (910) 999-999

January 15, 2014

Mr. Andrew Hamilton
Manager Human Resources
Dover Healthcare
47 Kennett Pike
Dover, DE 22458


Dear Mr. Hamilton:

Your job posting for a Licensed Practical Nurse at Dover Healthcare is right on target for my present job search. As a newly graduated and self-motivated individual with licensure for the state of Delaware and hands-on knowledge of common nursing practices, I am eager to leverage my energy for the well being of patients at Dover Healthcare.

Some of my key competencies I can bring to a LPN position with your facility include:

✔ Assisting physician’s with examinations and procedures in a professional, confidential, and compassionate manner
✔ Coordinating the flow of patients and phone calls to attain quality patient care goals
✔ Collecting subjective and objective data and contributing to the assessment of the patient

The accompanying resume states my skills and proficiency in providing quality nursing care to patients with which I also offer commitment and integrity to the nursing profession. During my tenure on nursing training, I was taught the various manners in which individually based care plans can be tailored to a patient’s need and have the capacity to direct such a plan effectively.

I will call your office on next Monday to ensure that all my documentation for the application procedure is complete and according to your requirements. It would be interesting to find out about the interview schedules and processes which is why I believe that talking to you personally will be beneficial.

Thank you for your professional courtesy in reviewing my application. I look forward to meeting you soon.



Amelia Goodhart


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