Deputy Sheriff Resignation Letter Sample

Updated on: February 22, 2022

Resignation letters are the last pieces of communication that you will have with an employer. Make them solid ones.

Start off in a nice manner – it is alright to get straight to the point. Tell your employer that you are leaving and specify a date after which you will not be coming in to work.

Make sure that your specified date is in sync with the company’s procedures and timelines.

In the main body, talk about why you have to leave and that you intend to train your replacement before you leave. Write a few niceties about your time at the office. And say goodbye.

What follows is a resignation letter sample for a deputy sheriff position:

Deputy Sheriff Resignation Letter Example

Lawrence Blair
653 Hudson Ave
Sonoma, CA 90121
(000) 909-8787
Lawrence @ email . com

February 22, 2022

Mr. Wayne Beck
County of Sonoma
836 France Street
Sonoma, CA 95478

Dear Mr. Beck:

I am writing to tender my resignation from my position as Deputy Sheriff for the County of Sonoma. March 21 will be my last working day on a 4-weeks notice.

As you are aware, my wife has been struggling with lung cancer for the previous 3 years and I have been looking for alternative medication for her for almost as long. Unfortunately, the alternative medication that I have been desperately hoping to find, is not available anywhere in California. For her well-being, I have decided to move to Wilmington, Delaware, where I know of a healer who will be able to help her. I am hoping to find similar work, hopefully within Wilmington – I am certain that with the training that I have acquired over the years and your mentorship which further polished my skills, I will be able to find work.

Since I am in Sonoma for another month, please let me know if there is someone you would be to train in my place. I will hand over all my cases and reports to you before I leave and would appreciate it if you could expedite my leaving documents and any dues.

Thank you for providing me with this opportunity and for your trust in me over the years.


Lawrence Blair
Deputy Sheriff