General Laborer Skills for Resume [11+ Phrases]

Updated February 22, 2020
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The skills section is a critical part of the general labor resume. In fact, you cannot do without them.

Why? How is it possible to do anything without a specific skill set?

Even when you are boiling an egg, you depend on your hand-eye coordination to help you. Skills in the workplace are important.

What is more important is how you place them on a resume.

Skills to do a job are embedded in us but a hiring manager does not know that. He needs to be told. And what better way to do this than to put it all on a resume? You got it!

A resume is your best bet to make a prospective employer understand that you are all that he needs for the job that he has advertised.

But, remember that there will be many more contenders for the job and to be able to stand out, you will have to be the best. And you can only do this if you mention your skills properly.

The following are some examples of skills that can be mentioned on a general laborer resume:

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Sample Skills for General Laborer Resume

1. Proven ability to operate equipment and tools following relevant legislation, policies, and practices.

2. Competent at cleaning and clearing work sites in order to ensure that no dangerous materials are evident during project work.

3. Proficient in pumping out septic tanks of differing sizes and types, in both residential as well as commercial settings.

4. Excellent skills in inspecting incoming merchandise/materials to determine their accuracy according to work orders.

5. Skilled at performing facility inspections including mechanical and electrical maintenance.

6. Adept at performing both preventative and general maintenance tasks on machinery, tools, and equipment.

7. Qualified to handle parts and materials inventory by ensuring proper storage and timely procurement.

8. Demonstrated expertise in handling sanitation and housekeeping activities associated with project work.

9. Able to withstand extreme temperatures prevalent at work sites.

10. Skilled at carefully and articulately manage traffic through active work zones by using designated gestures and utilizing radio communication.

11. Physically dexterous aimed at performing physically demanding work such as digging trenches, erecting scaffolding and operating large machinery.

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