Concrete Laborer Resume Sample and Template

Updated on: September 21, 2020

A concrete laborer resume is an essential job application document. When writing one, an applicant must consider a targeted resume.

When you compare targeted resume vs a generic one, you will realize that there is a huge difference.

Targeted resumes deliver more concrete information as compared to their generic counterpart.

While the generic one may not be too bad, but it usually fails to chart you out as a perfect applicant. A targeted resume – on the other hand – will provide a prospective employer exactly what he wants.

A sample target resume for a concrete laborer position (targeted) is provided below for your reference:


Sample Resume for Concrete Laborer Position

Paul Hatter
790 Fox Hill Drive, Jeffersonville, VT 55795
(000) 141-5454
paulhat @ email . com


An energetic and physically dexterous individual with vast experience in construction work. Highly effective in applying fine concrete finishing methods in new construction and rebuilding of sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and vaults. A meticulous individual who precisely estimates concrete quantities and appropriate mixes of sand and cement.

• Demonstrated expertise in building, erecting and aligning forms of various concrete structures and foundations.
• Proficient in instructing and directing and personally performing cutting and placing duties associated with reinforcing wire mesh and leveling of concrete
• Proven record of fine finishing concrete by floating, troweling, edging and brushing in accordance to set specifications


Concrete Laborer (6/2012 – Present)
Tribco Construction Services, Jeffersonville, VT
• Set up a large form measuring 6000 x 4000 for an entirely concrete building within the specified time provided
• Create a fool-proof calculation for sand and cement mixes, which outlined exactly how much quantity of each is required based on specified space
• Train 4 groups of concrete laborers in workplace safety, reducing workplace accidents by 60%
• Interpret blueprints to establish grade and estimate volume of concrete required
• Set up building structures by aligning concrete forms and placing wire mesh and concrete into them
• Mix and place concrete in forms by ensuring that there are no spills or wastage
• Perform floating, troweling, edging and brushing by following set instructions
• Cut and place reinforcing mesh and handle rough leveling of concrete on top

Concrete Laborer (11/2009 – 6/2012)
City Builders, Jeffersonville, VT
• Established 15 preset grades for concrete development, making it easier for other laborers to decipher the concrete quality
• Fine finished concrete by operating and using a variety of leveling hand tools
• Aligned and braced portions of project assemblies by using bubble levelers and hammers and nails
• Installed both outside and inside panels using pneumatic hosts
• Filled panels with wet concrete and handled surfacing duties as described in the original work plan

Construction Worker (1/2008 – 11/2009)
Tai’s Construction Company, Jeffersonville, VT
• Cleaned and cleared worksites of any debris or hazardous materials
• Assisted in measuring sand and cement and appropriately mixing them together
• Placed reinforcing wire mesh and placed or poured cement into forms
• Provided fine finishing support for each concrete construction project
• Handled surveys to determine and establish correct grades and created and maintained correlating paperwork charting out each performed activity

Graduate: Jeffersonville High School, Jeffersonville, VT – 2005


• Form Aligning• Sand/Cement Mixture
• Grade Establishment• Fine Finishing
• Safety Precautions• Area/Volume Calculation
• Concrete Casting• Site Preparation

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