Network Specialist Job Description for Resume

Updated on: April 8, 2021

Irrespective of the industry you are applying for a job, employers are always interested in your resume’s professional experience section. If you have relevant experience, it is a big plus point as you have an edge over the competitors who lack relevant experience.

However, to make the most of this strength, it is crucial to present your relevant experiences in an appealing manner. This is where the art of writing a job description comes in.

Network Specialist Job descriptions must always incorporate the keywords especially the ones used by the prospective employers in the job details. If your way of putting what you have been doing is similar to what they expect you to do in the role, the employers will probably find it much easier to relate your candidacy with the Network Specialist position.

Keep in mind that the exact job description for the same role may vary slightly from employer to employer depending on the job settings. Therefore, don’t forget to customize your job descriptions and tailor them to suit the specific firm each time you apply even if the job title is the same.

Below is a sample job description for a network specialist resume.

Network Specialist Job Description for Resume

• Arbitrate software application installation and upgrading processes, system inspection and troubleshooting procedures
• Execute network channeling, wireless configuration and connectivity set up
• Evaluate existing routing, LAN/WAN, network type, and security status and take measures to enhance the same
• Collaborate with telecommunications department to ensure delivery of highest quality network services to customers
• Coordinate with IP service providers for inter and intranet provision and maintenance
• Identify hardware and software threats proactively, initiate maximum protection SOPs for the same and recover systems in case of infection
• Facilitate users in creating and maintaining new accounts
• Conduct regular analysis and maintenance of voice, video, and data communication networks
• Carryout problem identification, resolution, and general troubleshooting of network-related issues
• Generate and handle email, data distribution, and communication systems
• Provide help desk support and perform hardware and software installation and network configuration
• Take a periodic backup of systems and provide the users with the same in case of system collapse
• Repair and replace faulty or damaged network cabling as and when required
• Facilitate the team in the development of new network designs and architecture
• Connect user servers with other servers at various workstations using localized internet services
• Initiate, develop, implement and enhance network security policies
• Track and resolve fault tickets using the latest TCP based troubleshoot strategies in minimal time
• Determine all aging servers and systems and upgrade the same to the latest Operating System versions
• Maintain productive business relations and effective communication channels with department coordinator and broadband vendors