Timekeeper Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 24, 2019

There is a great chance for your cover letter for a timekeeper position to be considered the best out of the lot.

But you have to ensure that the information in it is accurate and in accordance with what the hiring manager is looking for.


Technically, a Timekeeper cover letter should highlight your capacity to handle more than one task at a time.

Since you will be in constant touch with employees from different departments, you’ll need to ensure that your communication and interpersonal skills are perfect.

And you must show this perfection to the hiring manager by writing a cover letter that is great from all ends.



If working as a timekeeper is on the cards for you, it is best if you go through the following cover letter sample written for this position:


Timekeeper Cover Letter Sample


August 24, 2019

Mr. Max Nolan
Human Resources Manager
Clifford Jacobs Inc.
5 Main Avenue
Racine, WI 12002


Dear Mr. Nolan:

The fact that I possess 6+ years of experience working as a timekeeper makes me an excellent candidate to be considered for the position. Since I have worked in an organization with a similar structure as yours, I will not need to be trained too much. My resume is attached for your perusal and will provide you with detailed information on my abilities and skills in this regard.

As a timekeeper, my focus has always been on ensuring that paychecks are processed in a timely manner. My knowledge of checking and processing time cards and timesheets is exceptional. Similarly, my ability to handle discrepancies associated with timesheet information is excellent.

Furthermore, I am competent in maintaining and updating employee work schedules as well as approving payroll. Accounting for sick leaves, vacation time, paid leaves, and bereavement hours is also an area of expertise. Verification of timekeeping data is something that I am well-versed in, allowing me to present timekeeping information in an appropriate manner. 

It would be great if we could meet in person so that I can offer more reasons to hire me as a timekeeper at Clifford Jacobs Inc. I will remain in touch with your office. Until a meeting or interview is arranged, I can be reached at (000) 080-3321 if you need more information regarding my suitability for the position.

Thank you for considering me as a candidate for a Timekeeper job at Clifford Jacobs Inc.




Vanessa Collins

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