Investigative Analyst Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 8, 2017

Cover letters are important, not because they complete the job application set, but because they have a lot of information to offer about the candidate that they are being written by.

When an Investigative Analyst writes a cover letter, his or her main focus is usually on impressing a hiring manager with hir or her relevant capabilities. If an Investigative Analyst cover letter provides any other kind of information, there is a huge chance that it will be dumped by the hiring manager.

Your main focus as a job seeker should be on writing a cover letter, the likes of which the hiring manager has never come across before.

How will you know?

If you make an attempt at writing a cover letter that is not copied or “inspired” by cover letter samples or other people’s cover letters, there is a great chance that hiring managers will like what you have written. The following sample can be looked through for reference:


Investigative Analyst Cover Letter Sample



533 West Street
Pompano Beach, FL 54211

September 1, 2017

Ms. Gloria Seth
Human Resource Manager
The Cosmopolitan
800 NW 1st Tr
Pompano Beach, FL 64002


Dear Ms. Seth:

I am an insightful individual, who has spent a major part of her career in identifying and developing new scenarios for detecting fraud and misconduct, within a broad set of programs. Anticipating my next career jump to lead me to work as an investigative analyst at The Cosmopolitan, I offer the enclosed resume for your review and consideration.

My ability to monitor, review and update assigned investigative initiatives to determine if they are generating productive leads for the organization is one of my strongest points. My outreach efforts are spot on – I pride myself at possessing clean access to records and law enforcement databases, through which I gain much of the information that is required for investigative analysis.

Capturing and documenting case-relevant online content, and reviewing evidence seized are my niches. Furthermore, you will find me exceptionally talented in researching and effectively using novel technologies to detect fraudulent activities, and provide insightful analysis of them.

If hiring an individual who is thorough, resourceful and analytic is your aim, then I am the right person to be considered for an investigative analyst position. I will be in touch with you soon to determine if you have an open timeslot when we can meet to discuss this position further. If you need to touch base with me in the interim, please call at (000) 454-2014.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Madeline Foster

Enc: (Resume)