Meter Reader Resume Sample & Writing Guide

Updated on: September 27, 2023

Are you interested in pursuing a career as a Meter Reader?

A well-crafted resume can be the key to landing your dream job.

In this guide, we provide you with a comprehensive resource to help you create an impressive Meter Reader resume.

With a detailed sample resume and expert tips, you will learn how to showcase your skills and experiences effectively.

Take the first step towards securing your next job as a Meter Reader. Dive in and discover the secrets to creating a powerful resume that will impress potential employers.

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Meter Reader Resume Example

John Doe
(000) 854-4241
[email protected]

I am poised to serve the customers professionally and politely to exceed their expectations.

Highly motivated and detail-oriented meter reader with 5 years of experience. Skilled in accurately reading and recording utility meters for residential and commercial properties. Proficient in various utility systems, including electricity, water, and gas. Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail, with a keen eye for identifying and reporting any irregularities or discrepancies in meter readings. Exceptional customer service abilities, with a track record of addressing inquiries and resolving issues related to meter readings. Seeking to contribute to a utility company’s success by utilizing my skills and knowledge.


  • Accurate meter reading and recording for utility meters.
  • Electricity, water, and gas utility systems.
  • Problem-solving abilities and attention to detail.
  • Physically fit and able to walk long distances, stand for prolonged periods, and work in various weather conditions.
  • Excellent customer service skills, with the ability to effectively communicate with customers and address inquiries or concerns.


  1. Achieved a 98% success rate in meeting monthly meter reading quotas, ensuring accurate and timely billing for customers.
  2. Developed and implemented a new route optimization strategy, resulting in a 20% reduction in travel time and increased productivity for meter reading tasks.
  3. Successfully identified and resolved complex meter reading issues, including faulty equipment and irregular data discrepancies, leading to improved data accuracy and reduced customer complaints.
  4. Acknowledged for excellent teamwork and collaboration skills, actively contributing to a cohesive meter reading team environment and sharing knowledge with colleagues.


Meter Reader
ABC Utilities- Bryan, TX
2020 – Present

  • Conducted daily meter readings for residential and commercial properties, ensuring accurate recording of meter data.
  • Utilized handheld devices and computer software to collect and enter meter readings.
  • Detected and promptly reported any irregularities or issues with meter readings to supervisors.
  • Collaborated with team members to ensure timely completion of meter reading tasks.
  • Provided exceptional customer service by addressing customer inquiries and resolving any issues related to meter readings.

Meter Reader Assistant
Atmos Energy – Bryan, TX
2015 – 2020

  • Read domestic, commercial, and industrial customers’ gas meters
  • Changed billing charts as needed
  • Reset and resealed demand meters and meter enclosures as per instructions
  • Reported unusual and dangerous conditions to management
  • Performed other associated duties as assigned

Operator Qualification Program for Meter Reader
Technical College, Houston, TX

Texas State Meter Reader’s License
Current Driver’s License with Vehicle and Insurance

• Able to work efficiently in extreme temperatures of the outdoor environment.
• Lifting and moving objects up to 40 pounds.
• Ability to walk long distances

“I bring good hand-eye coordination as well as proven customer service skills.”

Strong professional references are available

How to Write a Great Resume for the Meter Reader Position?

When crafting a resume for a Meter Reader position, including the relevant keywords can make your resume more effective. Here are some tips on how to write a great resume specifically tailored for the Meter Reader role:

1. Header Section

  • Start with your contact information, including your full name, phone number, email address, and optionally, your LinkedIn profile.

2. Professional Summary

  • Begin with a concise professional summary or objective statement that highlights your key qualifications and relevant experience as a Meter Reader.
  • Incorporate the keyword “Meter Reader” by mentioning it in the summary to optimize your resume for search algorithms.

3. Skills Section

  • Include a dedicated skills section to showcase the specific skills that are essential for the Meter Reader position.
  • Emphasize skills such as meter reading accuracy, data recording and management, attention to detail, strong mathematical abilities, and customer service.
  • Use the keyword “Meter Reader resume” in the skills section to reinforce its relevance.

4. Work Experience

  • Focus on your work experience related to meter reading or any other relevant customer service roles.
  • Highlight your accomplishments, responsibilities, and the results you achieved in previous positions.
  • Incorporate the keyword “Meter Reader resume” throughout your work experience descriptions to optimize its visibility.

5. Education

  • Include your educational background and any relevant certifications or training related to meter reading or related fields.
  • Mention any coursework or certifications that highlight your proficiency in mathematics, data management, or customer service.

6. Additional Sections

  • Consider including additional sections such as volunteer experience, relevant projects, or professional affiliations related to the meter reading industry.

7. Formatting Tips

  • Use a clean and professional resume template.
  • Limit your resume to one or two pages.
  • Use bullet points and concise sentences to convey information effectively.
  • Proofread your resume for grammar and spelling errors.

Remember to tailor your resume to the specific requirements of the Meter Reader position you are applying for, incorporating the keyword “Meter Reader resume” where appropriate. This will help optimize your resume and increase the chances of catching the attention of potential employers. Good luck with your application!

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