Food Service Supervisor Job Description, Duties & Responsibilities

Updated on: February 15, 2021
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Food Service Supervisor Job Description

Food safety is one of the most talked-about topics in the world. With this growing concern for food safety, many establishments are now hiring people to ensure that both the quality of the food and that of the service is what customers deserve.

Foodservice supervisors are hired in an environment that caters to large amounts of food such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and schools.

They are explicitly hired to supervise people who are engaged in serving food in different capacities so that food is of high quality and service is impeccable.

One of the primary duties of a food service supervisor is to assign responsibilities to the food service staff and ensure that everything is handled and carried out efficiently.

They are also entrusted with inspecting kitchens and utensils to ensure that sanitary and hygiene standards are met.

Food service supervisors are not limited to the kitchen; they are also required to carry out these duties in the dining areas to ensure that customers, patients, and visitors are being provided with the best in food services.

Below is a list of duties that food service supervisors are required to perform on a typical workday.

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Food Service Supervisor Job Description Sample

  • Direct and coordinate the activities of food service workers in the kitchen and dining areas
  • Handle menu requirements and prepare appropriate production sheets
  • Supervise the assembly of food plates and ensure that they conform to the health and safety standards of the company
  • Ensure that each employee follows food safety regulations and procedures
  • Supervise catered events in terms of food safety and hygiene
  • Handle shift schedules for food service workers and assign them tasks on a daily basis
  • Make sure that appropriate staff is available at all times in order to meet food service demands
  • Ensure that food items are stored in a safe place and any expired or near expiry items are dealt with according to company regulations
  • Make sure that adequate food supplies are always available
  • Take stock of food supplies and order out of stock products
  • Check newly delivered products for quality and quantity
  • Determine which equipment and supplies are needed and make a reference list
  • Supervise food preparation activities
  • Interview, hire and train food service workers to perform in designated roles
  • Manage food service workers’ payroll
  • Assume responsibility for cash at designated shifts
  • Ensure appropriate cleaning and maintenance of food preparation areas and equipment

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