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Updated on March 8, 2019

Entry Level Janitor Resume Writing Tips

Candidates are almost always an edge when writing a janitor resume for the first time.

Preparation makes for a huge part of the success of an entry-level janitor resume.

When you ask around for advice and look through different samples, you get a good inkling of what is required by employers at this level.

At this level, resumes need to be visually appealing.

A good balance of white space is what is needed foremost. You club information together and you might risk making the reader squint while looking for useful information.

Entry level resumes do not need to be long – one page is sufficient to place all your information in.



Make sure that you maintain the relevance of all information that you provide in your janitor resume and you are good to go!

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Entry-Level Janitor Resume Sample



Roger Bell

88 Pepper Avenue ● Laurel, DE 22520 ● (000) 999-9999 ● rogerbell @email .com


A physically dexterous, thorough and well-organized individual. Skilled in cleaning and maintenance work in both residential and commercial buildings.

• Inspecting buildings to determine the need for maintenance services.
• Carrying out heavy cleaning tasks by following set custodial procedures.
• Performing repairs such as electrical wiring or plumbing issues and making adjustments to building systems.
• Sanitizing bathrooms and kitchens by following standard safety procedures.


• Chemical Mixing• Waste Disposal
• Supplies Inventory Management• Recycling
• Equipment Maintenance• Furniture Restoration
• High Powered Equipment Handling• Building Security
• Supplies Requisition• Customer Service

High School Diploma


ST. LAUREL HIGH SCHOOL, Laurel, DE (6/2015 to 12/2015)
Volunteer – Custodial Services
• Swept and mopped school building floors in offices, classrooms, and hallways.
• Gathered and emptied trash following designated waste disposal procedures.
• Serviced, cleaned and sanitized bathrooms and ensured that soap and toilet paper was replenished.
• Dusted and polished furniture, washed windows and vacuumed and shampooed carpets.
• Performed maintenance work such as replacing light bulbs or repairing wires to ensure a continuous flow of energy.
• Sprayed insecticides and fumigants to prevent rodent and insect infestation.

Summer Counselor, DE Arts Camp, Catskill, DE
Swim Team Assistant Coach, YMCA, Catskill, DE
Editor-in-Chief, St Laurel School Student Newspaper

Fluent in English & Spanish

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