Entry-level Janitor Cover Letter (No Experience)

Updated on: January 28, 2016

You might feel that writing a cover letter is no big deal but do you know that writing one without giving it the thought that it requires can actually spell disaster for you? Unless you intend to hand-deliver your resume to the person who will be interviewing you (and you are sure of who is interviewing you), you need to write a cover letter to do the job.

If you are submitting your resume electronically, you can use the email as a cover letter. Either way, you need to make sure that you do not reiterate you resume. Instead, focus on several keys areas such as what you learned during the course of your education or work experience, and what you accomplished. Indicating your desire for a particular position is important – if you are applying for an entry-level position, do not bother using the words “inexperienced” or “entry level” as you risk putting the hiring manager off.

Identifying what the employer is looking for in an employee is foremost. If you can determine this, you will be able to write a corresponding cover letter with relative ease. Don’t make the letter too long but do make it long enough to edict why you are such a great choice for the position that you are applying for. Here is an entry level cover letter sample for a janitor position that you can use.


Entry-level Janitor Cover Letter Sample with No Experience


52 North Street
Twin Falls, ID 81241

January 28, 2016

Mr. Albert Rivera
Manager Human Resource
Kimco Services
777 Kingsgate Drive
Twin Falls, ID 83302


Dear Mr. Rivera:

I am responding to your advertisement for Janitor position at Kimco Services. I believe that my expertise will help me meet your cleaning and maintenance goals.

Particularly, I am very effective in:

● Safety orientation
● Chemical and electrical hazards
● Slips and falls
● Visual appearance of premises
● Planning for emergencies
● Egronomic hazards
● Robberies and assaults prevention

As you can see, my candidature is not ordinary as I have gained insight into performing janitorial services through a dedicated training program. I am eager to will thrive, eventually benefiting your organization by providing it with dedicated cleaning and maintenance services.

I would like to meet with you soon to discuss this opportunity in detail. Please feel free to call me at (999) 999-9999 if you need further information. I will also be in touch with you regarding a meeting soon.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Terry Simmons

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