Web developers work behind the scenes and manage websites so that they remain in a workable and pleasing-to-the-eye form for users. They work with programming and scripting languages to ensure this and are also required to manage online marketing programs like search engine optimization activities.

If you are looking for a cover letter for this position, the following sample will assist you in understanding what it entails.



Sample Cover Letter for Web Developer Resume


1276 S Main Street
West Hartford, CT 52422

April 10, 2016

Mr. Webster Noah
Hiring Manager
Acme Inc.
5534 Parker Farms Road
West Hartford, CT 24232


Dear Mr. Noah:

As an enthusiastic individual with over 6 years of hands-on experience in web development, I feel positive that I am the right contender for web developer position at Acme Inc.

I am eager to bring following qualifications to your organization:

• Demonstrated ability to meet with clients and build/document web site requirements
• Effectively able to plan mock-ups and storyboards
• Adept at optimizing content by means of various SEO techniques
• Track record of creating website architecture and finding out hardware and software requirements
• Knowledge of choosing and arranging information

My technical proficiencies include demonstrated expertise in HTML, CSS, PHP, Flash, SQL Server and ActionScript and a profound knowledge of Java and C++. Additionally I have worked extensively with managing search engine optimizations and comprehend the capabilities of different browsers. Furthermore, I am competent in building custom interfaces as my coding standards are definitely above par. Owing to the fact that I am a born team player, it is easy for me to work well in a team fostered environment which makes my work easy and fun to do.

My focus and productivity will add a great asset to your company. In order to further discuss this, I would like to meet with you personally for which I will call your office next week to ask for an interview date and time. Please feel free to call me at (005) 555-1212 if you need any further information from me regarding my job application.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sincerely yours,

George Eastwood

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