Top 11 Information Technology Objectives for Resume

Updated August 5, 2021
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Many information technology resumes start with a statement stating the job-seekers willingness for a specific IT position opening.

Objective statements work exceptionally well for the candidates in obtaining their desired job.

In an objective for an IT Resume, you should create a relation between your skills, experience, training to the requirements of the job applied for.

If you are an IT professional and decided to use an objective statement in your resume, remember to edit or rewrite it every time you send your resume.

Due to its increasing popularity in recent years, a lot of human resources professionals claim an objective statement can be handy for identifying the right candidate.

Also, such statements can help you get a response if the position has already been filled, but the company still wants someone in an interrelated capacity, and your resume contains some appropriate skills and experience.

How to Write an Information Technology Resume Objective?
  1. Target a specific company
  2. Include the name of the company
  3. Provide a brief job description and your IT skills
  4. Contain two to three qualifications you possess that will make you a perfect candidate for an interview


Information Technology Resume Objective Examples

1. Energetic and technical-minded IT professional seeking a position as a Software Engineer at Netsmart Technologies, where knowledge of software development life cycle, a high technical aptitude, and unyielding commitment to work can effectively be utilized to contribute to the successful and profitable operation of the firm.

2. To work as a Network Security Specialist for IBM, where a strong background in computer networks, effective communication skills, and a complete knowledge of network security and operating systems can be fully utilized to improve operations.

3. Seeking an IT Specialist position at the Department of Veterans Affairs Washington, where excellent data analysis and design skills can be used to improve the overall efficiency.

4. Looking for a Desktop Administrator position with Xactly Corporation San Jose to make use of exceptional IT support, troubleshooting, and problem-solving skills.

5. A Programmer position at Allscripts Burlington, bringing software design skills to maximize the company’s productivity.

6. Seeking a job as a Network Administrator with ABC Networks to leverage network administration experience in a Windows / Linux-based environment interoperating with WAN/LAN connectivity.

7. A Desktop Support Technician position with West Bend Mutual Insurance. I offer hardware and software installation skills to ensure the company’s success.

8. Eager to obtain an IT Security Specialist position at ICF International. Offering extensive experience in the implementation of anti-hacking policies, expertise in spam and malware detection, and excellent skills in using appropriate network security techniques.

(Student / Entry Level Objectives for IT Professionals)

9. A Software Intern position with Hi-Tec Systems utilizing my education and in-depth knowledge of software development lifecycle to improve efficiency and enhance profitability.

10. To obtain an entry-level position in the IT field, where I will be able to utilize my education to contribute to the company’s operations.

11. A position as a programmer intern with Aspiration Software LLC to contribute to your team while continuing my education.

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