IT Internship Resume Sample

Updated on: March 22, 2021

An IT intern’s resume differs significantly from that of an entry-level IT candidate’s resume. Some fresh graduates possess a minimum of one internship or volunteer experience to showcase in the experience section.

If you are facing a lack of experience, do not worry.

Your acquired skills and details of education can nicely fill the valuable space and create a high impact if the same are presented smartly.

IT Intern Resume Sections
  • Mandatory sections of an IT intern resume include: personal information, education, skills, volunteer work (if applicable)
  • Optional sections include Objective, projects, and interests

Sometimes candidates hesitate from mentioning volunteer work if it is irrelevant.  The practice is okay at the professional level, but being an internship candidate, adding your volunteer work even if it is not too relevant can be fruitful since it tends to reflect an active candidate with transferable skills, who values time.

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Sample Resume for IT Internship

Jake Mason
655 Clair Sq, Columbus, OH 67333
(005) 666-5555
jake . mason @ email . com

❖❖ Energetic IT Intern ❖❖
Software – Hardware – Mobile Applications

CAREER GOAL: IT internship with HP Solutions


BS, Information Technology Management | In-progress
State University, Columbus, OH
Major: Software Analysis

AS Degree in Computer Science | 2019
Ohio State College, Columbus, OH


• Capable of communicating, understanding and following written as well as verbal instructions
• Skilled in updating windows/Android operating systems
• Trained in setting up and managing LAN/WAN
• Familiar with Microsoft visual studio, eclipse, and Flash
• Substantial knowledge of software development and underlying languages including HTML, Java, and C++
• Remarkable presentation skills with an ability to deliver project explanatory lectures effectively
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills


  • Technical planning
  • Systems integration
  • Concept designing
  • Systems maintenance
  • MS Office Suite HTML
  • Linux Roll-out implementation
  • LAN/WAN Troubleshooting


Simulation Software development
Ohio State College, OH | March 2020

  • Developed a Java-based simulation software project. Outlook involved a car parking lot intending to generate digital, automated indications regarding available parking space (AWT/SWIMG, Eclipse)


• Android application development
• Internet gaming
• Social Networking
• Photography and Graphic designing


Volunteer Computer Operator/ IT support
OXFAM, Columbus, OH | Summer 2020

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