IT Administrator Resume Example

Updated on September 8, 2018

If you need your office to run smoothly in terms of information technology, then you must consider hiring an IT administrator. The job of an IT administrator is to ensure that the work of all departments runs smoothly especially where their network systems are concerned.

An IT administrator will install your systems, manage information flow and ensure that all hardware problems are resolved in a time-efficient manner so that work in not compromised. If you are looking for a person to fill this position, you may need to ensure that he or she holds a degree in information technology and that his resume speaks volumes for work performed and skills acquired.


IT Administrator Resume Example



234 Howard Street, Skokie, IL 12902
(000) 999-2099
hill @ email . com

*IT Administrator*

A technically savvy individual with almost a decade of experience in installing, maintaining and troubleshooting network systems. Effective troubleshooter with the ability to manage time and priorities efficiently with a keen ability to provide end-user technical support for the company’s employees.


• Microsoft Windows Server 2003 – 2008
• Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7
• Microsoft Active Directory
• Linux

• Placed a new system that worked with available individual system’s data continuously to chart out possible data and system problems
• Integrated a complex LAN – WAN system between two offices which were not in the direct vicinity of each other


IT Administrator
SASB, Skokie, IL      2013-present
• Install computers and lay networks
• Configure hardware and software programs
• Manage and maintain mainframes and server
• Troubleshoot network problems related to every component
• Update Internet sites as requested
• Create and document logs for network activities
• Manage testing processes for new and existing processes

IT Assistant
ABC Company, Skokie, IL       2010-2013
• Assisted in installing and maintaining complex network systems
• Provide research work for implementing networks
• Installed cables, routers and gateways
• Assisted in troubleshooting components of networks
• Helped in testing singular systems for network support

Master of Information Technology
Illinois State University, Skokie, IL

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