14 IT Administrator Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: February 28, 2023

IT administrators are hired by almost every kind of industry and are responsible for providing the company’s employees and clients with core information technology solutions that will help them in pursuing their work.

From installing hardware and software on a standalone system to designing and implementing complex mainframe systems, IT administrators do it all. They troubleshoot problems on every component of the network and ensure the smooth running of the system at all times.

While hiring an IT administrator, there are certain factors you may want to keep in check. You will need to ensure that the candidate you are interviewing is technically savvy and has the potential to manage complicated networks and provide solutions when necessary.

Here are some interview questions and answers you would like to hear:

IT Administrator Interview Questions and Answers

1. What do you know about us?
CONNECT WORKS is one of the leading IT companies in the USA and provides services in Support Desk, internal and external networking, connectivity solutions, troubleshooting, IP management, and Software up-gradation.

2. Tell us about your experience as an IT administrator.
I started my career as an IT trainee and gained hands-on experience in web designing, technical support, software development, and networking. I was promoted to Junior IT administrator after completing one year as a trainee and currently hold the same designation. In my current role as an IT Administrator, I am responsible for network configuration, connectivity issue resolution, IP management, system security, data communications, and backup keeping.

3. What are the primary duties performed by an IT administrator?
The main duties of an IT administrator include Operating system upgrading and maintenance, performance monitoring and system optimization, active directory management, backup data keeping, log review, and system security management.

4. In your opinion, what basic concepts must a candidate have to succeed as an IT administrator?
I believe a successful IT administrator must have basic knowledge regarding data communication techniques, IP address classes, switching, IPv6 fundamentals, and sub-netting.

5. What type of technical environment are you working in?
I worked for ABC Company which had a very significant requirement for a network as there were more than 200 users. We had three servers; one worked as the central server, the second was the print server, and the third is a backup server. All machines are Windows-based.

6. How do you ensure that your skills remain current in this technologically fast world?
I am a member of three IT professional groups, and we meet every week to discuss and exchange ideas. Additionally, I ensure that I keep abreast with the latest technology by reading up on it and using new software and hardware components for testing purposes as they come into the market

7. What are the steps that you deem necessary when installing networks?
I make a list of all the software and hardware available to ensure that everything is compatible. Once this is done, I assure you that I have the right drivers that I will need for each component and also determine the need for up-gradation.

8. Once you are done with the installation, what is the first step that you take into account?
Security! The best networks can succumb to viruses which is why I ensure that I install the best antivirus program available and scan all devices on the network.

9. What do abbreviations SSH and DHCP stand for?
SSH stands for Secure Shell and pertains mostly to Linux while DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and is the default way of connecting to a network.

10. What is a proxy server and what function does it serve?
A proxy server catches the content of accessed websites and prevents user PCs from getting infected. It is needed to handle the heavy lifting of access and retrieval for users.

11. Share a significant professional accomplishment.
I attained a 99.3% annual uptime for the year 2014 by initiating ingenious fault tolerance plan and disaster management SOPs that also led to a decreased application, inventory, and licensing cost saving the company up to $13K.

12. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Five years from now, I see myself working for your company as an IT executive.

13. What are the interpersonal traits that support you in the role?
Attention to detail, ability to communicate effectively with clients, colleagues, and management along with strong organizational skills support me immensely in the role of IT administrator.

14. How do you deal with workplace conflict?
Being a proactive person, I study situations closely and usually take measures to avoid conflict. However, in case a dispute arises with a customer, boss, or colleague, I take the most rational and pragmatic approach to resolve it immediately, and through dialogue, I come to a workable solution with the other party.