Bursar Cover Letter Example

Updated on: February 28, 2023

A bursar is an accounting professional who works in educational institutes such as schools and colleges.

Their primary responsibility is to ensure that outstanding fees are paid in a time-efficient manner. They also manage the scholarship applications of students.

Bursars develop and implement financial policies to track and record the expenditures and revenues of the institute.

They are expected to communicate with students’ parents to manage the status of outstanding amounts and work with other accounting professionals to develop payment plans.

If this position interests you, you may consider having a look at this cover letter sample that will help you in acquiring this position.

Bursar Cover Letter Sample

Las Vegas, NV
(999) 009-999
carol @ email . com

February 28, 2023

Mr. Nick Cole
Manager HR
Steepways High School
839 Falcon Ridge Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 88884

Dear Mr. Cole:

Your job description for a Bursar with a strong accounting background in an academic setting fits my skills base perfectly, which is why I take this opportunity to apply for the position. Excellent bookkeeping skills, commitment to working collaboratively, and detail orientation are some of my many talents.

The fact that I am highly detail-oriented goes a long way toward proficiently monitoring receivable balances and collections. I understand the need to develop student payment plans and payment methods as a necessary part of this work and have the ability to keep payments up to date at all times using a variety of tools. I am exceptionally well-versed in managing sponsorship programs for students and managing refund reports.

With knowledge of accepted bookkeeping principles in an academic environment and state and federal laws that affect school accounting, I deem my candidacy ideal for this position. My resume highlights the fact that I can meet and exceed almost all of your expectations.

I’d like to discuss this position in detail on the phone or in an in-person interview. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Carol Bose

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