Information Technology Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 10, 2018

It is all excitement and thrill until one has to write a cover letter to obtain an Information Technology Manager job. Since there is no way that you can get out of writing one, let us concentrate on how to create a solid one.

Writing an Information Technology Manager cover letter is not as complicated as one would think. When applying for a job, your primary concern should be to provide hiring managers with a solid reason to hire you. And this can only be done if you are self-aware of your abilities. Explore yourself first.

When it is time to write a cover letter, focus on what amazing skills you possess, which will help the hiring managers in deciding in your favor. Your knowledge of the work that you will be expected to perform, your ability to handle many tasks at the same time, exceptional organizational skills, and excellent communication skills are just some of the areas that you can build upon.

Here is a cover letter sample for you to go through:


Information Technology Manager Cover Letter Sample


September 10, 2018

Mr. Jeffery Gordon
Human Resource Manager
Central Square Technologies
90 Vine Road
Colorado Springs, CO54021


Dear Mr. Gordon:

Technological advancement is not something that one can ignore. And since technology is all around us, and it is moving much faster than we can handle it, the need of a person to bring a semblance of control to it is crucial. I would like to offer my services in the role of an information technology manager at Central Square Technologies, as I am sure that I am just the right person for the job. My resume will do the rest of the talking as far as my experience is concerned.

Over the 18 years that I have worked in an information technology field, I have learned a great deal about handling LANs, WANs, and even MANs, and have been highly successful in fulfilling my workplace’s technological needs in many aspects. Identifying and acting upon opportunities to improve and update software and systems, and ensuring that IT policies and best practice guidelines are followed, are just two areas where I have cut a niche for myself. In addition to this, I possess demonstrated expertise in minimizing technological downtime, through the implementation of immediate, and spot on troubleshooting and repair work.

Confident in the fact that I will be an immediate contributor to your organization in the role of an IT manager, I will contact you soon to arrange an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.



Edward Coleman
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