Installation Technician Cover Letter No Experience

Updated on September 25, 2018

Installation technicians are required to perform a number of tasks in both residential and commercial settings. It may include performing pre-wiring duties, installing security systems, telephones, cable television, and intercom systems. They are also expected to diagnose problems such as equipment malfunctions and take measures to repair them.

When applying for an installation technician’s job at the entry level, one must provide ample information in the cover letter that will interest an employer to hire someone who has limited or no experience. This may include highlighting the ability to understand wiring requirements and carrying out duties such as setting up and maintaining equipment.


Installation Technician Cover Letter No Experience


421 Wallace Drive
Wayne, PA 63799
(999) 101-3699
john.hansn @ email . com

September 25, 2018

Mr. Max Hall
Manager Human Resources
Scientific Research Corporation
701 Coatsville Avenue
Wayne, PA 73901


Dear Mr. Hall:

I recently completed an apprenticeship under the mentorship of Mr. Hedrick Mason at Convertible Installations. I am now interested in a full-time position as an installation technician with Scientific Research Corporation as I hear that the company is looking for trained personnel in this capacity.

During my apprenticeship, I developed acute knowledge of the installation service industry. With a firm grasp on installing burglar alarms, emergency signaling systems, cable television, and telecommunication equipment, I am sure that my candidacy for this position is quite strong. I also have a complete understanding of proper techniques that need to be carried out for installing security and cable systems. Also, I was provided with some knowledge of construction methods which I believe will prove to be beneficial in carrying out installation services. As part of the apprenticeship program, I was required to take an exam to test my ability to make connections, adjustments and also carry out diagnostic measures which I aced perfectly.

The prospect of acquiring this job at Scientific Research Corporation thrills me immensely as I am very enthusiastic to put my skills for the growth of your company. I’d like meeting with you to provide further insight into expertise.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



John Hansen

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