Criminal Defense Investigator Resume Sample

Updated on: August 28, 2022

You may have heard this a million times before but one just cannot take resume writing lightly.

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Criminal Defense Investigator Resume Sample

Simon Oliver
915 Jackson Street 
Atlanta, GA 30312
(000) 521-8545
simonoliver @ email . com


Highly regarded criminal defense investigator with exceptional ability to provide legal representation of indignant persons with crimes within the assigned territory. Effectively able to provide a consistently high level of service, with a special focus on ensuring the success of cases.

• Documented success in performing routine investigative work involving criminal cases.
• Highly skilled in locating and interviewing clients, complainants, witnesses, and others who may have official information relevant to a legal defense.
• Well-versed in determining the reliability and credibility of witnesses by conferring with attorneys.
• Exceptionally talented at evaluating various types of evidence, and advising attorneys in investigative procedures.

✓ Subpoena Serving ✓ Evidence Collecting
✓ Court Testifying ✓ Source Gathering
✓ Identification Techniques ✓ Diagramming Techniques
✓ Fact Analysis ✓ Demonstrative Evidence
✓ Hostility Management ✓ Diplomatic Dealing
✓ Conclusion Drawing ✓ Crime Scene Photography


  • Improved evidence collection methods and protocols, resulting in an 85% increase in collection evidence.
  • Successfully analyzed a potentially explosive situation and handled it with precision, before things got out of hand.
  • Decreased the number of crimes within the assigned area by 65% owing to a reputation for figuring criminals out quickly.
  • Handled the work of a criminal investigator and that of a photographer in the absence of the latter during an intense criminal scene.


Criminal Defence Investigator
Atlanta Defender’s Office, Atlanta, GA
3/2012 – Present
• Confer with clients and attorneys to acquire information about committed crime
• Analyze facts and ensure that they are documented properly
• Conduct investigations to support the legal defense of a wide variety of criminal cases
• Contact external agencies and expert witnesses as reference resources for potential testimony
• Serve subpoenas on those required to testify or submit evidence before the court
• Operate and maintain a variety of photographic and projection equipment to assist in the criminal investigation
• Handle potentially explosive situations with tact, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all people involved
• Create and submit reports regarding findings such as statements, scene descriptions, and analysis of physical evidence

Criminal Defense Investigator
Till Private Investigators, Atlanta, GA
2/2006 – 3/2012
• Gathered evidence required to defend clients, through different channels as advised by the investigator
• Organized evidence according to specifications governing investigative protocols
• Interviewed clients and witnesses, and cataloged information in the database
• Assisted with operating photographic equipment at crime scenes and ensured that evidence collected was properly cataloged properly
• Created and maintained reports and witness statements along with analysis of physical evidence

Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice
Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA | 2005