Crime scene investigation is a highly exciting but extremely sensitive field to work in. If you have taken up the profession and need to apply somewhere, your resume has to be extraordinary to land you an interview.

Building a Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) resume that appeals the employer’s eye is not an easy task. In fact a crime scene investigator resume is much more difficult to build than resumes for most other positions. Your CSI resume must be professionally written and must reflect great analytical skills in addition to matchless observational, technical and interactive skills. It is also important to organize these skills in a clear manner so they are readily visible on your resume.

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Crime Scene Investigator Resume Sample


Derek Martin

78 Indiana Avenue, Lake City, AZ 87332
Cellular: (003)444-3333  ♦ Email: derek @ email . com

PERFORMANCE SUMMARY: A highly skilled and trained CSI professional working in the field for three 3+ years. Experienced in handling criminal cases, collecting and analyzing criminal evidence and preparing case reports for court use.

• Latent finger prints determination• Equipment maintenance
• Handling of evidence traces• Crime scene photography
• Court Testimony• Criminal data retrieving
• Surveillance conduction• Undercover observations
• Attending autopsies• Suspect interrogation

• Proficient in conducting investigations at crime and accident scenes
• Familiar with photography lab equipment
• Expert in coordinating with law enforcement agents regarding investigations
• Well versed with crime scene investigation protocols
• Skilled in handling and sorting data received from forensic labs
• Adept at criminal case analysis and report writing skills
• Knowledge of legal courts and criminal hearing procedures


Crime Scene Investigator
Federal Public Defender, Lake City, AZ | December 2009 – Present

• Maintain the crime scene equipment and hold the evidence safely
• Interrogate the case suspects under detention and at large
• Prepare finger printing cards and run them for identification
• Organize all criminal case data into systematic files
• Maintain soft copies of all data
• Prepare and issue reports at end of each case
• Coordinate with law enforcement individuals regarding criminal case proceeding

• Trained 5 young CSI agents in case handling
• Solved two, interlinked high level cases with political involvement successfully and received an award for the same
• Conducted numerous productive surveillances single handedly or with a staff of one or two junior officers

Maricopa Community college, Tempe, AZ | 2009
B.S | Forensic Sciences