Sample Cover Letter for Inventory Control Clerk

Updated on: August 26, 2019

Repeating your resume is certainly not the purpose of an Inventory Control Clerk cover letter.

Cover letters give you the freedom of using full sentences instead of the bullet points that you use to describe your skills and qualification in resumes.


Inventory Control Clerk Cover letters are used to show what you are really capable of doing for the company– and not what you expect the company to do for you.

In a cover letter for an inventory control clerk position, you need to be able to showcase your relevant qualifications.

Look at it this way; your past experiences do not sell you as a perfect candidate for the position you are applying for – your skills do! So it is up to you to showcase your skills properly; do not bother apologizing for skills that you do not have.

A cover letter for an inventory control clerk should tell a story.



Remember the popular advertisement jingles that stick to our minds and repeat the name and image of the product in our heads? Well, you need to be able to come across as something as potent as that! How do you do that?

Let us take a look at the following sample cover letter for an inventory control clerk resume.


Sample Cover Letter for Inventory Control Clerk



Adam Oliver
230 Some Street, Renton, WA 81003
(222) 222-2222
adam @ email . com

August 26, 2019

Mr. Clarke Gable
Manager Human Resource
Multi Packaging Solutions
563-93 Earlington Avenue
Renton, WA 81973


Dear Mr. Gable:

Track, measure and monitor everything! That is my professional motto and what I am most experienced in. For the past 5 years, my employers have benefited from my drive towards inventory control procedures, usage analysis, and regulatory compliance initiatives.

As an inventory control clerk, I will find ways to reconcile stock counts, handle data reporting and manage inventory databases. My expertise extends into inventory liquidation and materials usage analysis as well, having coordinated and implemented an Access database to house inventory data across 5 departments. Following this implementation, I took it upon myself to train the inventory control team on building and generating appropriate reports.

The cherry on the sundae is my expertise in the packaging industry, which can earn me immediate respect from vendors and suppliers – this, in turn, will definitely yield consistent and exponential productivity.

Thank you for your time to review my candidacy for Inventory Control Clerk position. I would like to set an appointment when we can meet in person and discuss this exciting opportunity in detail. I will contact you after a few days to follow-up.





Adam Oliver