What Makes You Unique? 15 Sample Answers

Updated: March 8, 2023

If you have been shortlisted for a job interview for any position, it is very important to prepare for the interview. Do not go unprepared because some interview questions can catch you off guard and you can miss a good opportunity.

The following are commonly asked questions for any job interview.

What makes you unique?
What sets you apart?
Why should we hire you among so many other candidates?

Basically, by asking this question, employers want to gauge your confidence in the role. They want to know if you have something to offer that other candidates don’t.

Though it is a common question it confuses candidates. A quick tip is to go through the job description provided by the employer and identify the skill set that the employer is seeking. Mention the relevant strengths in your answer.

The unique strengths that you choose to mention can be ones acquired over time or they can be inborn personality traits. The main thing is to ascertain that the strengths you quote must be meaningful for the employer in respect of that specific role.

What Makes You Unique?

If you are preparing for a job interview it is advisable to go through some sample answers to this question.

Autism Teacher

1. My background in educational psychology and hands-on experience in handling children with special needs makes me a unique candidate for Autism Teacher. My knowledge of braille would be an added strength for this particular job.


2. I offer a unique combination of technical as well as managerial experience and expertise that your company desires of the ideal candidate and I believe I can be a very good manager since my decisions will be backed by my technical know-how.

Textile Manager

3. My expertise in the managerial field, and experience in the textile industry in a similar capacity. Also, my textile engineering degree and strong work ethic, and exposure to the industry are what sets me apart from other candidates for this role.

Animal Shelter Helper

4. My personal experience with pets and many farm animals gives me an edge over the competition for this animal shelter helper position. I am already trained in feeding, bathing, and walking animals and I am also proficient in administering medication to sick animals.

New Graduate

5. My strong picking power and ability to learn things quickly set me apart. Having worked at my own startup has taught me to be very adaptable and I welcome all sorts of learning opportunities this quality enables me to be in control of assigned tasks.

Administrative Assistant

6. The unique attributes I bring to this position are attention to detail, discipline, and time management. Over the years I have developed these qualities and I believe they will prove to be very productive in the administrative assistant role.

Construction Worker

7. My 7 years of hands-on experience rendered me with a lot of skills that are needed in the construction business. I am well versed in reading layout plans, building blueprints and wiring details, and implementing the same using pre-fabrication technology which is specifically your company’s field.

Marketing Assistant

8. My ability to think out of the box is what sets me apart from my competition. I am an innovative thinker; I am gifted with the ability to see things from a different perspective. This quality will enable me to deliver immediate results as part of your marketing team.

Office Assistant

9. My ability to get along well with all sorts of personality types makes me unique. My strong interpersonal skills enable me to build rapport quickly and to maintain productive relationships with clients and colleagues alike.

Customer Service Representative

10. Exceptional public speaking skills and my strong persuasive power is what sets me aside from the lot. I am a very clear speaker, excellent at giving convincing presentations. I enjoy talking to a crowd and like to be the center of attention. Clients usually find it very easy to communicate with me.

International Relations Specialist

11. Having traveled to four different countries I believe my exposure to different cultures is my unique strength. I know five different languages and I am knowledgeable of different cultures, which makes me very proficient in dealing with and communicating with international clients.

Healthcare Assistant

12. My exceptional listening skills and ability to empathize with clients is my unique strength. I am a compassionate person and my experience in the healthcare department has contributed further to strengthening this trait. Elderly patients are usually very comfortable communicating with me and I make sure that all care provided to them is according to their preferences and needs.

Sales Representative

13. What sets me apart as a salesperson is my effective sales closing technique. Having worked in both marketing and sales fields, I am very efficient in generating sales leads, creating effective pitches, and soliciting prospective clients productively. My track record of exceeding sales targets by double in the last six months is proof of this unique ability.

Office Assistant

14. My exceptional organizational and planning skills set me apart from other candidates. I am very proficient in timeline setting and management, calendar keeping, and meeting deadlines; this habit has always helped me in staying on task and meeting deadlines no matter how tight the schedule is and I believe in logistics, this skill set will come in very handy.


15. As a bartender, my skills in coffee making, latte art and cocktail mixing set me apart from most young baristas. I am very passionate about coffee and I have always been intrigued by latte art. I have perfected these skills over the years and I believe these will come in very handy in this role with Tim Horton’s.

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