What makes you the Best Candidate for this Freelancer Project? 4 Answers

Updated: January 7, 2023

Working freelance can be a dream job, but it is often not taken seriously.

In the good news department, you don’t need to care unless an employer feels that way about you.

Where employment is concerned, you have to convince the hiring manager that you are the best freelancer for a project.

How does one do this?

You will have plenty of avenues to convince the hiring manager that you are the best person to hire.

The resume and cover letter that you write will have portions where this information can be highlighted.

And if you are asked what makes you the best freelancer for a project, you should be ready with an answer.

The problem with hiring freelancers is that employers are always on edge about deliverables.

If you as a freelancer can convince the employer that you will be an excellent person to hire, you have won more than half the battle.

Some examples of responses that you can provide to an employer asking what makes you the best candidate for this freelance project are provided below:

What makes you the Best Candidate for this Freelancer Project? [4 Answers]

1. I have just finished with a project, and do not have any more in the pipeline at the moment. If I am hired for this project, I will be able to give it my full attention and will deliver on time. Apart from this, I possess all the skills that you have outlined, and can effectively work towards tight deadlines.

2. From the time that I started working in a freelance capacity, I have been successful in all projects assigned to me. Additionally, I am well-versed in working on your project, as I have worked on a similar one before. If you look through my professional profile, you will notice that I have obtained many great reviews from employers.

3. This project piqued my interest because I felt that this was right down my alley. Even though it possesses complex modules, I am positive that I can handle them. Meeting deadlines is one of my talents that surpasses many others. And I am diligent in providing deliverables.

4. My understanding of the work is what makes me an excellent candidate to hire as a freelancer. I have worked on a project very similar to this before, and I am sure that I can replicate its success while working on the project that you assign to me.

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