Share an Experience When you Applied new Technology? (6 Answers)

Updated on: December 6, 2021

Whether you are appearing for an interview or answering an online interview, you may come across a question where you may be asked how a technology that you applied at your workplace helped the company.

The interviewer may ask:

Share an experience when you applied new technology or information in your job. How did it help your company?

Now there are many ways in which you can answer this question.

However, you first have to determine what the hiring manager actually expects as an answer.

Here, he or she is trying to determine how accomplished you are. Basically, you will win the battle if you end up answering to the hiring manager’s satisfaction.

Here are some answers that you can provide to this question. Take a look!

Share an experience when you applied new technology or information in your job.
How did it help your company?

1. Recently, I implemented a unique filing system in an organization that has been using manual filing for a very long time. This system decreased the file searching process by 50%, enabling ease of access.

2. Last month, I introduced and implemented a wireless system. Even though the management was not too convinced that the company needed it, I turned out to be a huge success, as maintenance costs and efforts went down considerably.

3. 4 months ago, I received high appreciation from my seniors for devising a 100% secure WAN. Since the company deals with a lot of sensitive information, it was quite a novelty to be able to do this.

4. I am credited with researching the core of a criminal situation, as a result, increased the firm’s chances of winning an extremely complex case. Not only did the firm win the case, but I also received high commendation for my contribution to its success.

5. Last year, I successfully revamped the accounts receivable and payable system, consequently, made it 65% more efficient than before. It helped the organization in many ways, including increased AR and AP accuracy, and less time in processing payables and receivables.

6. The company where I am presently working had an archaic records management system. It was impossible to look for records that were a few months old. After much convincing, I managed to get them to agree to convert every record into an electronic form. It worked wonders for them, as it reduced record finding time by a staggering 90%.

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