Information Technology Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: January 7, 2023

A cover letter for Information Technology Specialist position must never be ordinary.

Ordinary, run-of-the-mill cover letters do not make it to a hiring authority’s desk – in fact, they breathe their last as soon as an assistant picks and scans them for relevance.

If you want to reach out to a hiring manager, make sure that what you write in a cover letter is spot on with what he or she expects to read.

Hiring managers’ expectations are difficult to gauge but only if you haven’t bothered to read the job description that he or she has posted in an advertisement. All things expected of you will be placed there, making it easy for you to determine what it is that you can write to obtain an interview opportunity.

Match every skill with what the hiring manager expects to have, and you should be able to come up with great data on which to base your cover letter.

What follows is a cover letter sample for an IT specialist position:

Information Technology Specialist Cover Letter Sample

524 Hamilton Ave West
Blue Ridge, GA 67254

January 7, 2023

Mr. James Long
Human Resources Manager
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
58 Pine Avenue
Blue Ridge, GA 67254

Dear Mr. Long:

Information technology is not just my profession – for me, it is a way of life. Having successfully climbed the organizational hierarchy to the position of an Information Technology Specialist, owing to exceptional expertise in developing and implementing core plans and technical support, I am positive that my contribution to Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group will be colossal.

Providing database application support, creating and maintaining documentation regarding system progress, problems, and licenses, converting data for new applications, refining current programs, and planning and preparing the integration of new and upgraded technologies are just some of my strong points.

I am skilled in handling web-based project development, applications, and procedures, and completing system upgrades for both software and hardware systems. Identifying information technology staff’s training needs and providing assistance by writing procedural manuals, and arranging training in applications are my specialties.

Apart from my technical prowess, I possess exceptionally well-placed leadership skills, which I believe will come in handy when heading a team of information technology staff members.

I am confident that once you meet with me in person, you too will agree that I am the best choice to hire as an Information Technology Specialist at your hotel. To arrange a meeting time, I will contact you next week. If you need to reach me in the interim, please feel free to call me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Kimberly Butler

(000) 524-4512