Biology Internship Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: December 20, 2021

Writing a cover letter to obtain an internship position is nothing like writing one to get a regular job.

The difference is there, perhaps because the latter situation requires you to possess experience, which you do not have when you want to apply for an internship.

There is nothing wrong with this – everyone starts somewhere, but if you want to give your career a kick-start through an internship, you need to work hard to create a solid cover letter.

Cover letters are not always about experience. In fact, they concentrate on an individual’s skills and abilities more than anything else.

A cover letter that has little or no information of skills is usually rejected, no matter which position or at what level you are applying.

Writing a cover letter is serious business, and you have to take it as such.

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Have a look at the following cover letter sample written with the intention of obtaining a biology internship:

Biology Internship Cover Letter Example

Kenneth Lewis
(000) 102-2015
Kenneth @ email . com

December 20, 2021

Mr. Richard Clark
Human Resource Manager
Takeda Pharmaceuticals
665 Wagon Wheel Road
Quakertown, PA 78021

Dear Mr. Clark:

I am highly interested in obtaining a Biology Intern position at Takeda Pharmaceuticals – I have recently discovered that you are actively looking for interns, and I am positive that by hiring me, part of your requirements will be fulfilled. As a recent science graduate from Quakertown Technical College, with a major in biology, I am sure that you can use both my services and the ability to contribute positively at your organization.

I am positive that I will be an asset to Takeda Pharmaceuticals, due to my ability to support the execution of experiments rooted in microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, and virology, within structured regulatory and quality frameworks, including ISO 9001 and GLP. Having had some exposure to participating in data compilation activities, and presenting and reporting of progress and results to scientists, I will be an immediate contributory factor to your lab, and many of its projects.

Since I am a meticulous individual, I am confident that I will be able to handle the core work in assigned areas, without much training. With my expert understanding of popular concepts within the disciplines of biology, genetics, zoology, and molecular biology, I am positive that I will be instantly influential to your cause.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Hoping to further discuss how well-suited I am for the position of an intern at Takeda Pharmaceuticals, I will contact you soon to set up a meeting date and time.


Kenneth Lewis
(000) 102-2015
Attachment: resume