Snowboard Instructor Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: December 30, 2017

Snowboard Instructor interviews are something that we look forward to with open arms.

However, when they arrive, we do feel a little edgy. Don’t.

Instead of concentrating on how difficult they are, look through the following set of questions and answers to prepare for them:



Snowboard Instructor Interview Questions and Answers

What made you decide that you wanted to take up a career as a snowboard instructor?
I have loved snowboarding ever since I was a child, and as I grew up, this love for the sport turned a bit serious. Since I believe that one should always work in an area that one truly enjoys, working as a snowboard instructor was the obvious choice.

As a snowboard instructor, what are some of the main duties that you perform in your present role?
While working as a snowboard instructor, I have been responsible for determining assigned students’ levels of expertise, developing lesson plans according to each student’s ability to cope, impart lessons through theory and demonstration, assess students to figure out how well they are doing, and provide extra help where required.

What type of skills does one need in order to work as a snowboard instructor?
I believe that knowing what snowboarding is all about is primary. In addition to actually knowing the sport, one needs to be physically dexterous, possess the ability to impart knowledge, and have the capability of reaching out, and communicating effectively with people.

How does inclement weather conditions affect you?
Working mostly in the snow, inclement weather is something that I take with a pinch of salt. I am always prepared for the worst, and make sure that I plan my activities around bad weather.

Tell us of a time when you managed to handle a particularly sticky situation with a lot of expertise?
Three years ago, I got stuck in a storm with 10 of my students. The storm was not expected – it was a completely freaky turn of events. We managed to hide out in a nearby cave, but attending to 10 very scared students was quite overwhelming. I did not bow down to the circumstances, and provided them with encouragement and hope, until help arrived.

How do you feel about being responsible for so many people, especially when you know that an emergency situation may transpire any time?
To be honest, emergency situations in snowy weather are something that all of us are prepared for mentally, and make sure that we prepare for them physically as well. I am always aware of my surroundings, which is why I do not feel insecure at the thought of an emergency situation transpiring.