Snowboard Instructor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: December 30, 2017

The Snowboard Instructor Cover Letter allows you to reach out to a hiring manager, before you have a chance to actually meet him or her in person.

Since making a positive impression on a prospective employer is important, this avenue helps you manage this in an effective manner.

However, not all cover letters place a positive impact on a hiring manager. Only those which are written to impress do.

What does one do to make sure that one’s cover letter is brilliantly written?

One makes an honest effort. Writing a cover letter that is impressive and informative is not everyone’s ballgame. There is a lot that you need to look out for, including the content and the tone of the writing. Both should be upbeat and positive. The main idea behind writing a cover letter is to paint a rosy picture of the candidate, and if you can do this effectively, you have the job!


Snowboard Instructor Cover Letter Example



December 30, 2017

Ms. Kiera Miller
Human Resource Manager
Bear Creek Mountain Resort
1837 Valpico Road
Happy Camp, CA 12388


Dear Ms. Miller:

I am a well-trained and experienced snowboard instructor, who has had exceptional exposure to providing instruction to students from beginner to advanced levels. With this type of experience, and the hard work that went into developing the skills for it, I am sure that Bear Creek Mountain Resort will be fortunate to acquire my services.

Developing lesson plans appropriate to the level that each of my student is at is my niche. I have been credited with creating and implementing lessons which address problem areas such as low confidence, and fear of heights, a feat that I have often been commended for.

Since I am a stickler for perfection, I make sure that all my lessons are imparted in such a manner that safety of students is top priority. Also, I am exceptionally talented when it comes to handling demonstrations, placing special focus on the learning curves evident in the student body.

Moreover, my expertise extend to creating and implementing club policies and procedures, as they pertain to snowboarding. If you would like to reap the benefits of my expertise in this regard, I suggest that we meet in person. Until I get a chance to set a meeting time and date, you may contact me during business hours if any further information regarding my suitability is required.




Donna Jones
(000) 254-5874
Enc: (Resume)