Snowboard Instructor Resume Sample

Updated on: December 31, 2017


A Snowboard Instructor resume tells a hiring manager a lot about the applicant, since it is such a detailed document.

But a resume which is not formatted properly does not bring any positive results.

Use the following sample as a template to build your resume for Snowboard Instructor position:




Snowboard Instructor Resume Example



Simon Viper

299 Feliz Way, Tracy, CA 23933
☏ (000) 587-3205
✉ simvip @ email . com


Highly skilled and competent snowboard instructor with a successful track record of ensuring high level of customer satisfaction by professionally delivering lessons and providing the best possible experience for guests. Able to promote safety by demonstrating safe techniques, and snowboarding etiquette. Creates and implements engaging snowboarding lessons, teaches ski and snowboarding activities from beginning to advanced levels and enforces club rules pertaining to snowboarding, to ensure safety and conformance.


✓ Curriculum Development ✓ One on One Instruction ✓ Practice Time Leadership
✓ Guests Safety ✓ Protocols Compliance ✓ Confidence Building
✓ Emergency Response ✓ Challenge Levels Maintenance ✓ Equipment Maintenance
✓ Conveyor Lift Operations ✓ Attendance Recording ✓ Policy Development

• Successfully trained over 1000 people to handle snowboarding activities, at all levels.
• Created and implemented the core curriculum for beginners to advanced level students.
• Saved a child’s life on the snow track, when her safety gear failed, by providing her immediate First Aid.
• Trained 25 other instructors to handle instruction work, as part of their induction program.


Snowboard Instructor
Bear Creek Mountain Resort, Tracy, CA | 2011 – Present
• Confer with students to determine their learning goals, and provide them with insight about snowboarding as a sport.
• Assess students to determine their levels of training, and interest in the sport.
• Provide students with feedback on which level they will be attending, and the requirements for it.
• Instruct students on a one on one or group basis, to provide them with information on learning techniques.
• Demonstrated different snowboarding techniques, appropriate to the level of each student.
• Provide information regarding the importance of safety gear and following safety processes.
• Administer First Aid or CPR in cases of emergency, concentrating on the wellbeing of the effected person.
• Ascertain that all equipment and accessories are available, and stored in a safe manner.

Snowboard Instructor Assistant
Clifton Ski Resort, Tracy, CA | 2005 – 2011
• Assisted ski and snowboarding students in putting on their gear and skis.
• Provided assistance in understanding and working with snowboarding and skiing gear.
• Demonstrated the proper way of skiing and snowboarding, placing special emphasis on safety.
• Ascertained that all policies and rules were followed by each member of the student body.
• Collected, counted, and stored equipment and borrowed gear, at the end of each shift.

Tracy High School, Tracy, CA – 2004
High School Diploma

Current AASI Certification, Tracy, CA