Human Resources (HR) Associate Resume Sample [Job Description, Skills]

Updated on: October 28, 2022

Job Description

A human resource associate works in a human resource department where they are required to provide core support to HR functions.

There is a lot on the plate of a human resource associate who has to handle all the details of hiring and training, benefits administration, conflict management, and even payroll functions. 

In addition to this, human resource associates prepare reports by compiling summaries of earnings, taxes, deductions, leaves, and disability wages in order to assist the accounting department. Also, it is their duty to maintain payroll operations by following policies and procedures and handling benefits records and changes as well.

People working in this role report to the human resource manager.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria to work as a human resource associate includes a degree in human resources management or business administration. Deep insight into core HR functions and the ability to get along well with people are the two main prerequisites for working in this capacity.

What else do you need to know?

Well, you have to be well-versed in processing new hires according to internal procedures, managing employee databases, and HRIS systems, tracking annual performance reviews, and conducting employment verifications.

The ability to support critical HR initiatives to deliver the best employee programs and services, and provide administrative support by preparing documentation and materials are also required elements that make an individual worthy enough to be hired at this position.

A list of duties particular to the human resource associate resume is given below for reference purposes:

Human Resources Associate Job Description for Resume

• Track employee evaluation processes and ensure that all evaluations are received in a timely manner.

• Create and post job descriptions according to specified instructions and ensure that advertisements are properly and timely displayed in different mediums.

• Respond to calls from interested candidates by providing them with information on available positions and employment criteria.

• Assist in interviewing candidates for open job positions and provide assessment insight to interviewers.

• Perform hiring activities and ensure that new hires are properly trained, inducted, and oriented with the company and its rules and regulations.

• Answer employees’ questions about policies and procedures and compile and prepare data for statistical reporting.

• Determine payroll liabilities by calculating employee federal and state income and social security taxes.

• Review benefits with new hires and provide existing employees with information on additions to benefits.

• Provide administrative support by efficiently preparing documentation and materials needed for scheduling training and presentations.

• Conduct employee verifications and process new hires according to internal procedures and policies.

You may have written a perfect resume but if it doesn’t cover all grounds, it is far from perfect.

Writing a perfect resume for human resources assistant position comes with a lot of practice and research. If each section of your resume boasts of your suitability for a job, the document is ready to be submitted.

Here is a sample to help you:

Human Resources Associate Resume Example

Sylvester Boone
78 Tricia Street
Stow, OH 99630
(000) 954-5140
sylboon @ email . com

“I am a self-starter who has a practical approach and deems that a team can accomplish more.”

Top-performing Human Resource Associate with 17 years of extensive experience in open enrollment, new-hire orientation, relationship management, and personnel file maintenance. Effectively able to sustain HR-related systems including ATS, HRIS, performance management, and benefits. Processes new hires according to internal procedures while ensuring compliance with established policies.

✓ Personnel Support ✓ Staff Scheduling
✓ Reports Preparation ✓ Payroll Operations
✓ Training and Induction ✓ Records Handling
✓ New Hires Orientation ✓ HR Systems Maintenance
✓ Benefits Administration ✓ Performance Reviews

• Saved the company from imminent theft by thoroughly checking a prospective employee’s background, and identifying him as a convicted felon, known for corporate fraud.
• Trained and inducted 12 groups of employees for different hierarchy levels, over a period of 3 years.
• Successfully managed payroll operations for 3 departments (for 4 months) in the absence of the accounting specialist.
• Introduced a novel HR records management system, replacing the old inefficient one.


Human Resources Associate
Mediacom Communications, Stow, OH
2011 – Present
• Conduct contract signing activities for new employees, coordinating expectations, requirements, and basic benefits
• Track employee evaluation processes and ensure that all evaluations are received in a timely manner
• Respond to employees’ questions regarding policies and procedures and refer to HR specialists if required
• Provide assistance with special projects such as HR events, benefits open enrollment, and employee communications
• Schedule interviews, perform follow-ups, and handle reference checks and personnel changes
• Maintain and process documentation and records for the human resource department
• Perform initial interviews of candidates and provide induction and orientation support to new hires
• Resolve conflicts and develop programs that increase employee retention

Human Resources Assistant
ICI Services Corporation, Stow, OH
2006 – 2011
• Responded to inquiries regarding HR policies and protocols over the telephone, in person, and through email
• Scheduled interviews with shortlisted candidates and sent out reminders for interview dates
• Greeted candidates and ensured that they were properly seated, and given first information forms
• Assisted candidates in filling out forms and provided them with detailed information on the interview process
• Created and maintained files and records of employees and ensured that they were timely updated

Bachelor of Business Administration
Ohio State University, Stow, OH | 2009
Major: Human Resources Management

• Word and Excel
• MS Access

“I value respectful and cooperative working relationships with all levels of staff and outperform in a fast-paced and busy office environment.”

Human Resources Associate Skills for Resume

What makes you a great hire in the eyes of a prospective employer?

The fact that you can offer all that a hiring manager is looking for is what counts the most. Skills are the operative word here.

Focusing on your skills when writing a resume is what will take your candidature from point 0 to point 10. The higher the rating, the better your chances of being hired for the position that you have your heart set on.

However, creating an HR Associate skills list is quite a task to perform.

You may be quite aware of the fact that you are an excellent contender for a job, but if you do not articulate your skills effectively, this awareness does not count for anything.

It is best to keep track of your skills over time so that you do not feel overwhelmed when you have to look for them during the time you apply for a job.

What constitutes a skill?

Whatever personal or work-related aptitude that you possess which makes you worthy is a skill. A skill is also an attribute that makes you a great contender to work at any position.

Most hiring managers have certain ideas in their heads about what type of skills a prospective employee should have. You need to make sure that your skill set is spot on with the requirements of the employer.

Here is a list of skills set for the position of a human resource associate:

Sample Skills for Human Resources Associate Resume

• Qualified to respond to both internal and external queries regarding human resource policies, procedures, rules, and regulations.

• Highly experienced in processing new hires according to internal procedures while ensuring compliance with required documents.

• Effectively able to track annual performance reviews, exams, and policies according to established policies.

• Deeply familiar with creating and updating job descriptions and assisting with special HR projects.

• Hands-on experience in providing administrative support by preparing documentation and materials needed for scheduled training.

• Deep insight into performing new hire orientations and preparing, inputting, and maintaining various employee records.

• Proven ability to maintain and update records for personnel files and process termination paperwork.

• Skilled human resource department with open enrollment, performance management, and employment events.

• Track record of proactively sustaining human resource-related systems such as ATS and HRIS.

• Proficient in dealing with employees’ requests regarding human resource issues, rules, and regulations.

• Adept at assisting with payroll functions by providing relevant data to the accounting department, including leaves, absences, and bonuses.