Staffing Specialist Job Description for Resume

Updated on: December 12, 2019

Position Overview

Human resource managers are not the only ones who lead hiring procedures inside a company. Many companies hire the services of staffing specialists to help them look for, hire, and train staff members.

The primary duty of a staffing specialist is to delve into deep research to determine which candidate from the candidate pool is right for a job and then to handle the various duties associated with getting him on board.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility requirements to work as a staffing specialist is a bachelor’s degree in human resources at the very minimum. If you have worked in a human resource department previously, your candidature for this position becomes stronger. But even if you haven’t, you are likely to be trained intensely and inducted immediately, especially if you know what the job is all about.

Skills and Abilities

Working as a staffing specialist requires one to be analytic and possess exceptional communication skills. Since staffing specialists have to communicate with all types of people – candidates, external recruiting agencies, and internal human resource personnel – they have to be great conversationalists and possess excellent interpersonal skills as well.

Staffing specialists also need to be knowledgeable about the occupational requirements of a wide range of industries. This is especially true for staffing specialists who work for dedicated staffing companies. So if you have good social skills, possess an understanding of human resource work and are willing to work in a position that has high analytic requirements, working as a staffing specialist is just right for you.

Here is a list of common duties that a staffing specialist performs on each day.

Sample Job Description for Staffing Specialist Resume

• Determine the need for staff members by understanding each department or client’s hiring requirements
• Scan existing databases to look for possible candidates to fill positions
• Match requirements with candidate profile to determine that suitability requirements are met
• Call shortlisted candidates over the telephone and interview them briefly to determine the suitability
• Arrange for personal / face to face interviews to be conducted by matching human resource managers’ schedules with those of the candidates
• Sit in through interviews and assist in determining candidate suitability for the said job
• Perform background checks and drug screenings of shortlisted candidates
• Provide feedback to human resource managers regarding the results of the screening procedures
• Assist in inducting and training newly selected employees
• Liaise with external recruitment agencies to acquire profiles for the candidate pool
• Participate / organize / lead job fairs and recruitment events
• Refer qualified candidates for internal hiring purposes

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