Staffing Consultant Resume Objectives Examples

Updated March 26, 2017

It is all very well to say that it is important to sell your skills through your resume. But how do you get the hiring manager interested in reading your resume in the first place? Is there a trick that you can use? Well, if you would like to call placing an objective at the top of a resume a trick, that’s what it is! A resume objective can benefit you in several ways. For one, it adds a lot of weight to the resume. Structured resumes almost always win employer favors, who deem it necessary for a resume to “look” a certain way. A resume is not much good if it doesn’t open in a professional manner. Objectives lend professionalism to resumes. Is that a good enough reason to spend time and effort in writing one? For sure!

There is one thing that you do have to look out for when placing an objective at the top of your resume – quality. You do not include an objective just for the sake of it. A poorly constructed objective will actually put off a future employer, especially if it is not relevant, or consists in terms of language that is not professional. To see what a resume objective for a staffing consultant position should consist of, have a look at the following examples:

Sample Objectives for Staffing Consultant Resume

• Highly analytic, resourceful and well-organized Staffing Consultant, presently looking for a position at John Leonard Inc. by employing deep insight into delivering full lifecycle recruiting, placing special attention on effectively sourcing, screening, interviewing and preparing candidates for interviews with recruiting managers.

• Dedicated Staffing Consultant with over 10 years of human resource experience, anticipating a position at Mindbridge Staff Solutions providing benefit of expertise in developing, implementing and maintaining sourcing strategies for all required roles within the organization.

• Desire a position as a Staffing Consultant at Randstad Corporation. Offering exceptional ability to source, assess and recommend best candidates to fill vacant positions from both internal and external sources.

• Looking for a Staffing Consultant position at BTAS Incorporated making the most of skills in posting vacant positions, screening resumes, scheduling interviews and interviewing candidates to determine the best match for clients’ employee profiles.

• To obtain a position as a Staffing Consultant at Alkar Human Resources. Eager to apply exceptional abilities in developing candidate profiles, sourcing candidates from internal and external contacts, formulated candidate evaluation metrics, and developing and effectual pipeline of prime talent for different client companies.