Staffing Consultant Job Description for Resume

Updated March 26, 2017

Position Overview

A staffing consultant is hired to fulfill a company’s need for acquiring employees – the right type of employees, that is. It is the basic responsibility of a staffing consultant to ensure that activities are coordinated in a way that appropriate candidates are sourced and hired. In a nutshell, a staffing consultant is given the responsibility to recruit, select and hire employees, by making sure that they are the right match for a company.


To work as a staffing consultant, one has to possess a degree in business with a major in human resources. Some experience of working as a recruiter may come in handy when applying for a staffing consultant position. Since staffing consultants have to create and maintain contact with a wide variety of people, including candidates, external recruiting agencies and internal departments, their communication and interpersonal skills have to be excellent. Thorough knowledge of employment laws and government compliance regulations, in addition to comprehension of commonly used concepts, practices and procedures in the human resource discipline are also important.

It is important for staffing consultants to be proficient in the use of initiative and judgement, and be able to effectively follow instructions and guidelines. To see what exactly it is that a staffing consultant is expected to do, have a look at the following list of duties particular to this position:

Staffing Consultant Job Description for Resume

• Effectively deliver a full lifecycle of recruiting by sourcing, screening and interviewing appropriate candidates

• Create and develop strategies to acquire candidate pools and effectively match them with clients’ requirements

• Collaborate with external agencies, internal units and recruiters to identify candidate profiles in order to pipeline them for interviews

• Work with senior human resource managers to prepare and update job descriptions and determine appropriate position classification bands

• Oversee the job posting process by ensuring that appropriate paperwork is present and that slot acquisition is made possible

• Screen each applicant for minimum job qualifications and refer them to hiring managers for further review and consideration

• Pick out outstanding candidates for a position, and call them in for interviews to gauge their professional standing

• Oversee the scheduling and logistics necessary to accommodate candidates from out of the city

• Make recommendations for the appropriate compensation for selected employees and review employment agreement drafts

• Create and implement plans to welcome new employees onboard and oversee their training requirements

• Market and sell candidate skills to client organizations, ensuring that the best match for both has been ascertained