Staffing Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Updated on July 28, 2015

If you write a cover letter that is a far away from what the employer wants – it will go into the waste bin right away. Cruel but that is exactly what happens. Cover letters of today need to have extra spice to whet and employer’s pallet. And how does one do that? Research!

Find out what the employer wants and determine all possible ways to give him what he needs. A cover letter will tell him all about you – just make sure that whatever you tell him is what he actually needs to know about you. If you put in redundant or unrequired information, you won’t be too popular with an employer. And you cannot risk that.

Employers are notorious for the scrutiny that they perform on each candidate profile that they receive. You have to be prepared to be grilled. The grilling part is good actually – if you have mentioned all your good points and achievements in a cover letter, nothing can stop you from flying away with an interview call! Works every time!

Let us now come to the sample part. Here is one for a staffing specialist position.


Staffing Specialist Cover Letter Sample


Henrietta Bistow
325 N. West Street
Childersburg, AL 92010
(000) 363-2525
Henrietta @ email . com

July 26, 2015

Ms. Jillian Dole
Human Resource Manager
193 Solomon Drive
Childersburg, AL 92923


Dear Ms. Dole:

I have been working in human resources arena ever since I graduated from business school. Working my way up to a staffing specialist has been a great learning experience and the benefit of this experience is what I would like to offer to Baxter. If you look closely at my resume, you will discover that I am accomplished in many areas and all of them lead to one thing – acquiring the right human resources for company.

Please allow me to bring your attention to some of the qualifications that I possess:

• Proven track record of developing appropriate candidate pools by investigating in-house resources and liaising with external recruiting agencies
• Documented success in effectively screening shortlisted candidates to check their suitability for hiring
• Demonstrated ability to communicate with client organizations to build strong and long term work relationships
• Adept at interviewing, recruiting and evaluating staff members to determine suitability for in-house positions

Leveraging all these advantages are doable but words on a piece of paper are no substitute for people speaking with people. I would like to meet with you and will contact you in a week’s time to determine the likelihood of an interview. Until then, you may contact me at (000) 363-2525.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Henrietta Bistow

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