Staffing Specialist Resume Sample

Updated on July 28, 2015

Company websites often have a dedicated careers section through which candidates can look for available jobs and apply. But it isn’t as easy as just applying for a job in the usual way. You may have to go through the rigmarole of how resumes are to be submitted. Read carefully. Does the advertisement say that you can apply online? Or does it specifically mention that you need to mail your resume?

In the latter case, resume building is something that you will have to look into. Writing a resume for staffing specialist from scratch is difficult work. It takes time and a lot of patience. Each section in a resume requires a lot of time and if you are prepared to spend that much time, you can actually create a resume that will highlight the best in you – exactly what the employer wants.

Time to look through a sample now – refer below to one of a staffing specialist:


Staffing Specialist Resume Sample


Rudolf Kepler

597 Deloach Road ● Childersburg, AL 34919 ● (999) 999-9999 ● r.kepler @ email . com

 Staffing Specialist

Performance Profile: Energetic, results-oriented with vast experience in screening and identifying qualified applicants for a range of positions. Exceptional communicator with deep knowledge of human resource procedures, including interviewing processes. A highly competent communicator who has a demonstrated ability to conduct full-screen face to face interviews with applicants. Documented success in screening and testing applicants for successful placement across a vast array of industries.

• Well-versed in performing associate appraisals and background checks to ensure applicant suitability
• Adept at building effective relationships with individuals and external staffing agencies to expedite staffing procedures


• Orientation• Relationship Building• Applicant Screening
• Interviewing• Background Check• Staff Training
• Payroll Processing• Communication• Advertisement
• Scheduling• Drug Screening• HR Information Systems

• Led 15 job fairs and networking events through which an entire team for an office (in another state) was hired
• Laid down the structure for staff appraisals and safety inspections which contributed highly in ensuring that the right people were retained
• Implemented a background check and drug screening system which reduced employee hiring time by 30%
• Conducted 82 interviews (in one day) in a marathon run to hire an entire sales team for a rush promotional project


Manpower Corporate, Childersburg, AL | July 2012 – Present
Staffing Specialist
• Comprehend the need for staff members by studying companies’ needs and plan hiring activities
• Scan the company database to pick and isolate possible candidates
• Go through each candidate profile and match it to the company / client’s requirements
• Pick candidates that are the closest match and study their profiles in detail to determine availability and suitability for the company in question
• Contact external hiring agencies and provide them with information on staffing needs so that they can look through their own databases and provide feedback
• Arrange to meet with external agency contacts to screen possible candidate profiles
• Make arrangements for candidates to be called in for interviews
• Assist human resource staff in interviewing candidates by providing feedback
• Handle background checking and drug screening processes for shortlisted candidates
• Assist in training chosen candidates by providing leadership during induction processes
• Work with management and human resource staff to evaluate and assess the effectiveness of recruiting strategies

Home Depot, Childersburg, AL | Dec 2010 – July 2012
Staffing Coordinator
• Looked for possible candidates for open positions within the company by scanning candidate profiles
• Worked with the HR department to pick and choose from candidate database, based on specific departmental requirements
• Interviewed shortlisted candidates and determines which fit the requirements completely
• Assisted in handling induction procedures and performed background checks and drug screenings
• Liaised with external recruitment agencies to gain assistance with recruiting efforts

STATE UNIVERSITY, Childersburg, AL – 2009
MBA – Human Resources

Member: American Society of HR Professionals

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