Human Resources Representative Cover Letter Sample

Updated on July 29, 2018

Feeling strange that you are an HR representative and you need to send your job application to an HR department? Well, you don’t need to!

Just build a well-written resume and a cover letter that speak volumes for what you have to offer concerning quality HR services.

The following sample cover letter for Human Resources Representative Resume will help you throughout your job hunting process.



Human Resources Representative Cover Letter Example



88 5th Street
Midland, TX 68832

July 29, 2018

Mr. Brad Quaker
Human Resources Director
Dane Foods Limited
78 Some North Street
Midland, TX 69987


Dear Mr. Quaker:

I am very interested in working as a Human Resources Representative for Dane Foods Limited as my qualifications closely match your needs. Along with my Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources and 1 year of hands-on experience, I can become the key person in the HR Department of your company.

I am a knowledgeable individual with great HR and personnel management skills which makes me the perfect candidate for this job. As required, I am highly skilled in the day-to-day administration of policies and programs such as recruiting, compensation and benefits, training, worker and labor relations, safety and recruitment.

My extensive experience and MBA in HR made me a self-motivated individual who has shown commitment and excellence many times. I was promoted from an intern to an HR representative within three months of my joining my first job. This happened due to my diligence and hard work in handling the payroll system, helping screen candidates, assisting with developing appraisal forms and coordinating staff training and development programs.

As a personable and extroverted human resources professional, I would like the opportunity of meeting with you to discuss how I can contribute to making Dane Foods Limited more productive. I will call you within the next week to follow up on this application. If required, feel free to contact me at 999-999-9991.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Jemima David

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