Top 19 Floor Tech Hard Skills for Resume

Updated on: April 8, 2021

Candidates for floor tech positions may possess all the skills required for this job but these skills, unless and until presented effectively in their resumes, do not aid them in getting hired.

It is important to communicate your relevant skills and abilities in a meaningful manner in your resume so the prospective employer can easily relate to your candidacy.

Power verbs, action words, and adjectives may be incorporated into your skills section along with industry-specific keywords to make them more impactful and catchy.

Once you begin to word out your hard skills you’ll find there is more than one way of putting it. Go for a sentence structure that suits the aimed industry, aspired role, and your candidacy the most.

Most popular and perhaps the most effective tool for presenting one’s skills is through short bullet phrases. Bullet phrases make your skills section easy to read and more appealing by giving it a professional look. Don’t forget to enlist your skills in order of priority; placing the most wanted ones at the top.

Below are some sample floor tech skills for resumes.

Sample Skills for Floor Tech Resume

  1. Competent at emptying and cleaning waste receptors, disposing of trash in an environmentally friendly manner
  2. Well versed in clearing off snow from walkways and driving lots using chemical cleaners
  3. Proficient in communicating courteously with colleagues and patrons
  4. Demonstrated ability to clean and disinfect isolation rooms periodically as per HIPPA issued applicable SOPs
  5. Adept at carpet shampooing using steam cleaners
  6. Familiar with deworming and fumigation protocols and applicable safety measures
  7. Effective skills in removing any stains from the floor and staircases and disinfecting the same periodically
  8. Efficient in washing and cleaning restrooms and sanitizing the same
  9. Substantial knowledge of various chemical cleaners and detergents, compliant to safety protocols associated with usage of same
  10. Special talent for dusting and polishing furniture, door handles, and window sills
  11. Expert in scrubbing, buffing and refinishing all kinds of floor
  12. Excellent skills in glass cleaning and giving it steak free shine using synthetic shiners
  13. Proven ability to vacuum and clean rugs, carpets, and matted floors
  14. Track record of conducting minor premises and floor maintenance tasks and reducing overall damage
  15. Profound skills in floor mopping, brushing, and sweeping utilizing various manual and electric mops and water dip equipment
  16. Knowledge of OSHA issued workplace hygiene and safety guidelines
  17. Familiar with proper usage protocols of various cleaning equipment along with proven ability to clean and store the same properly after usage
  18. Well versed in maintaining and ensuring the privacy, dignity, and wellbeing of citizens, patients, and residents
  19. Demonstrated ability to listen to and understand client needs, follow instructions and deliver customer service-oriented satisfactory floor cleaning services