Corporate Recruiter Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: June 14, 2018

What is the best thing about Corporate Recruiter interviews?

The fact that you can learn a lesson from them, even if you do not earn a job.

A successful interview can take you places – an unsuccessful one can bring you much-needed information about what not to do the next time around.

Here is a set of interview questions and answers for a corporate recruiter position, for you to take reference from:


Corporate Recruiter Interview Questions and Answers

How long have you worked as a corporate recruiter, and what has been your experience like?
I have worked as a corporate recruiter for over 7 years now. The experience has been quite wholesome, as I have been successfully providing assistance to human resource departments, in acquiring the right type of talent, for different levels.

What specific duties have you performed in the role of a corporate recruiter?
As a corporate recruiter, I have been busy determining departmental needs for talent acquisition and providing strategic interventions to ensure that positions are timely filled. This work involves performing headhunting activities, creating and posting job profiles on different media platforms, determining applicant suitability through screening processes, providing assistance to interviewers during interview processes, and supporting induction and training initiatives.

In your view, what skills do you believe a corporate recruiter requires, in order to be successful at this job?
Corporate recruiters need to be highly analytic so that they can pick and choose suitable candidates for different levels. In addition to this, they need to understand hiring procedures completely and possess the ability to lead or assist teams through these procedures. Good organizational skills, and an excellent ability to communicate both verbally, and in writing is very important in this role.

What has been the most difficult task that you have had to perform in your role as a corporate recruiter?
I was once assigned to find a suitable candidate to fill a communications specialist position. The candidate that I like was rejected by the committee because she was considered overqualified. But the candidate had no issues working at the position, and I personally felt that she was perfect, and would bring a great contribution. It took me more than 3 weeks to convince the committee to hire her. Her initial one month after joining showed how right I was!

How do you handle the obvious stress associated with this work?
I make a special effort to ensure that I do not get stressed. I have my work quite well-organized, which saves me from the perils of stress.

What are your future plans?
Within the next 3 years, I would like to work in a capacity where I am heading the recruitment department.

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