Electrician helpers usually work under the command of lead electricians. They assist electricians by performing less skilled and support tasks such as supplying or holding materials or tools, and cleaning work area and equipment. Electrician helpers are usually get on the job training to become electricians themselves.

A well-written cover letter for Electrician Helper Resume helps grab the attention of the hiring manager and make a candidate stand-out from the rest of crowd.

Look at the following sample to get ideas how to write a compelling cover letter for Electrician Helper resume.


Electrician Helper Cover Letter Sample


25 Example Lane
Medford, MA 98777

January 3, 2016

Mr. John Smith
Manager HR Operations
ABC Electric Company
66 North Street
Washington, DC 98888


Dear MR. Smith:

Your position of Electrician Helper is a perfect fit to my background and my qualifications are exactly compatible to your needs.

Your work involves the motivation and spirit that I have developed during my 2 years’ experience as electrician helper. Based on my understanding of your Electrician Helper position and your organization, here are some aspects of my expertise that seem most appropriate to meet your requirements:

• Tracing out short circuits in wiring
• Carrying tools, materials, utensils, and supplies to work site
• Inspecting electrical units for connections and faulty insulation
• Measuring, cutting, and bending wires and medium
• Maintaining and cleaning tools and equipment
• Drilling holes and pulling wiring
• Disassembling and replacing faulty electrical equipment
• Striping insulation from wire ends

I am available to start work as soon as you like and will get in touch with you next week to follow-up. In the interim, you may contact me at (000) 999-5656.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



David Joe

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