Entry Level Electrician Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: December 23, 2016

Who says you cannot be cheeky in a cover letter? Professionalism is one thing – it is appreciated for sure. But if you can add spice to your cover letter, employers don’t usually mind. Wording your cover letter in a way that is acceptable to a hiring manager is important. If you know your audience – translate that into “prospective employer” – there is nothing that can stop you from writing a cover letter to top all cover letters!

The only problem with writing cover letters is the choice of words one uses. Even if you do want to put a little color (not literally, of course!) into your cover letter, you still need to see what you can say. Creating an impression through professional language or otherwise is actually dependent on the type of position that you are applying for. If you know that the person who will read your cover letter has a sense of humor, by all means use a little wit. If not, you always have the “official” way of writing to fall back on.

Challenge the hiring manager that he will not be able to find a better match than you. How? This is how:


Entry Level Electrician Cover Letter Sample


874 Cross Road
Biloxi, MS 25886

December 23, 2016

Mr. Terry Rivers
Hiring Manager
Eversource Energy
889 Lemoyne Boulevard
Biloxi, MS 60602


Dear Mr. Rivers:

My recent apprenticeship at Interstates Companies has prepared me extremely well to work as an Electrician at Eversource Energy. I am positive that you have yet to meet an electrician who has the kind of skills and qualifications that I do at this early stage of my career. And to prove this, here is a list of what my credentials include:

✓ Extensive exposure to executing plans of electrical wiring to ensure well-functioning lighting and electrical systems.

✓ Deep familiarity with installing and maintaining electrical apparatus, fixtures and equipment for all types of systems.

✓ Demonstrated expertise in connecting wires in electrical circuits and networks, to ensure compatibility of components.

✓ Competent in performing both preventative and regular maintenance on electrical systems, and installing safety and distribution components.

If you are interested in a stand-out with my credentials, let’s meet and talk about how I might contribute my technical prowess to achieving your company’s service goals. I can shuffle my schedule to be in your office within 24 hours of hearing from you on my cell number (555) 555-5555.

I look forward to meeting with you in person.



Ty Banks