IT Support Technician Cover Letter Sample

Position Overview

IT support technicians perform three standard duties:

1. Ongoing end user support
2. Routine maintenance of computers
3. Infrastructure Support

Following is a list of their regular tasks:

• Researching, learning, and estimating new hardware and software
• Maintaining records of PCs, systems, and laptops for end users
• Taking backups, maintaining backup systems and backup tapes
• Installing and configuring new computers and peripherals
• Repairing and upgrading PC and Mac hardware and software
• Identifying hardware and software problems and rectifying accordingly
• Remaining on-call when looked-for
• Organizing training sessions and providing training to employees of the company
• Troubleshooting printers, network cables, and scanners

Below is a perfect sample cover letter for IT Support Technician Resume. Feel free to modify this sample cover letter as per your specific circumstances.


IT Support Technician Cover Letter Sample



55 5th Street North
Easton, PA 65228

March 12, 2018

Mr. John Brown
Manager (Human Resources)
54 Some Street
Easton, PA 32654


Dear Mr. Brown:

As a committed IT Support Technician with four years of verifiable track record, I am applying to obtain a position at Victaulic. My extensive IT training, certifications, and experience makes me an exceptional candidate. Utilizing my skills and capabilities, I will contribute efficiently to the Victaulic’s IT division.

Through my experience in help desk support, I acquired talents in all aspects of troubleshooting, installations, and configuration for a variety of desktops, laptops, hardware, and software. Specific to your needs, I possess the following qualifications:

❖ Timely responds to clients’ tickets

❖ Track record of resolving complex technical, network and printer issues

❖ Particularly effective in identifying problem cause and taking necessary actions to solve problems

❖ Exceptional talent for providing on-site end-user training

❖ Known for collaborating with staff to provide practical support

As you are looking for an IT expert who has outstanding people and problem-solving skills and ability to provide the best support to your IT Help Desk, I am your right choice. I am confident it would be equally beneficial to meet and talk about the goals of your organization and how my technological and troubleshooting abilities can assist you to attain those goals.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I will call your office after one week to arrange a meeting date and time.





Charles Anderson
(090) 099-9088

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