ICT Support Technician Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 6, 2017

You will find scores of cover letter samples that say exactly what you want to say. The bad news is that you cannot use even one of them to your advantage.


Simply because using someone else’s writing to pass off as your own is not the right thing to do.

Unless of course, you have it in you to be able to extract information and not copy it. Each cover letter sample that you go through will not be relevant to your situation specifically. You have to be smart enough to take out the information that is important and use if carefully.

ICT Support Technician cover letter writing is not that difficult to handle if you are aware of the requirements of a hiring manager. If you know that you are required to provide a certain block of information, you can easily formulate it and eloquently write in in your cover letter. A little like this:


ICT Support Technician Cover Letter Example



632 7th Street
Salt Lake City, UT 52487

August 6, 2017

Mr. Luke Owens
Human Resource Manager
Denso Support Solutions
90 W Brooklyn Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT 57931


Dear Mr. Owens:

I was actively looking for an ICT Support Technician position when I came across your advertisement in the newspaper. After thoroughly scanning your requirements, I cannot help but feel excited at the prospect of working with Denso Support Solutions, as I believe that I am the right fit by virtue of a great match between what I have to offer, and what you are looking for.

My most recent IT Support position at Techno Works Inc. has prepared me extremely well to handle technical assistance tasks in a high-volume environment. With my ability to focus primarily on minimal downtime, and effectively diagnose and troubleshoot technical issues, I am sure that I will be more than a mere asset to your organization.

Providing desktop application and server and network support to a large array of client stations, and ensuring continuity, security and maintenance for each network and station are areas that my core strengths lie in. Owing to my ability to plan and implement changes to elements of the ICT service, and contribute to continuous improvement to meet future needs, I should be the natural choice to hire as an ICT support technician at your organization.

Hoping to further elaborate on my skills and abilities, I will contact your office soon to . In the interim, you can call me at (000) 785-8521 if you require any additional information.




Jason Donovan

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