Desktop Support Technician Cover Letter Sample

Updated on July 23, 2019

Desktop Support Technician Cover Letter Guidelines

• Research the prospective company and make a list of their needs.

• Extract the required qualifications and skills form job description and include the same in your letter.


• Focus on a few skills and competencies that are most important for the employer.

• Begin your letter with a strong, compelling introductory paragraph.

• Highlight your accomplishments and the ways how your past accomplishments will help you perform well in the future.

• Close with a call for action, mention that you would like an interview.


The following is a sample cover letter for desktop support Technician for your guidance.

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Desktop Support Technician Cover Letter Example



Michael Guilford
64 Wiseguy Lane, Ohio, TX 54622
(003) 666-5555 
michael @ email . com

July 23, 2019

Ms. Dorothy Payne
HR Manager
International Institute of Business
866 Techno Sq
Ohio, TX 54622


Dear Ms. Dorothy:

I have had a passion for the computers troubleshooting all my life, and I am applying for a Desktop Support Technician to make this happen.

I am a multi-talented IT professional with experience in installing and handling problems of common computer and networking issues. My expertise includes but not limited to troubleshooting windows vista and XP, 7 and 8, Linux and Macintosh.

Moreover, I am proficient in network management and setting up audiovisual equipment. Possessing extraordinary knowledge of IPs and external servers, I am capable of setting up and developing LANs and WANs to facilitate inter and intra staff communication at all levels.

If you could use the services of a desktop support expert who is skilled in fixing network issues, setting up new hardware, repairing damaged ports, installing and debugging software and handling anti-malware, then we should meet. Please call me now to set up an interview date and time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.





Michael Guilford

(005) 854-6535

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