Exam Invigilator CV and Resume Sample

Updated on: April 7, 2022

Exam Invigilators are required to give out examination papers, give instructions to students, and ensure that the exam starts and finishes on time.

They should have a sense of authority because teachers are not always present during the exam process.

To build/update an effective resume for an exam invigilator position, refer to the example below.

Exam Invigilator CV / Resume Example

2389 Bistro Enclave
Chicago, IL 0239
(000) 769 –7587
herbert @ email .comHIGH

• Competent in checking that candidates enter the examination hall in an appropriate manner.
• Skilled in ensuring that candidates are seated according to the seating plan.
• Well acquainted with dealing with non-listed candidates and latecomers.
• Hands-on experience in ensuring that candidates conform to the examination hall requirements in terms of behavior.
• Exceptionally vigilant during the exams to ensure successful completion of the exam.

• Confirmed that no cheating or communication took place during the exam
• Transformed the process of reporting in the event of discrepancy/irregularity in the progress of the examination
• Improved the system of conducting exams in a fair manner


Exam Invigilator
British Council – Wichita, KS         
• Open and distribute papers and other authorized materials to candidates
• Utilized great communication skills to make announcements during examinations
• Guarantee that exams are carried out according to the Exams Code of Conduct
• Actively invigilate throughout the examination to ensure no cheating occurs
• Manage interruptions and solve candidate problems without disruption

Exam Invigilator Assistant
St. Louis Cardinal High School – Wichita, KS               
• Ensured correct exam procedure was being followed
• Marked the attendance registers
• Displayed starting and finishing times for the exams on the boards and posters
• Dealt with any disturbances to the exam
• Ensured that the answer booklet was completed correctly
• Collected exam scripts in candidate number order

High School Diploma
St. Mary’s School, Baltimore, MD

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